Everything You Need To Know About Partner Ab Workouts

partner ab workouts

Working out is one of the essential things in life. Some people move their back on those exercises because they find it boring. Yeah, it can sometimes be tiring. But if you perform intense workouts with a partner, the whole thing will become more exciting and efficient. 

Speaking of which, partner ab workouts are highly recommended to those who do not find any motivation for going to the gym. However, partner workouts have some other benefits too. For example, you can do more challenging exercises than usual. 

In this article, you will get to know the benefits of doing workouts with your partner. Aslo, I will add a list of exercises that may help you find the best partner ab workouts.

Benefits of partner workouts 

I have mentioned earlier that working out with a partner can be fun and challenging at the same time. If you not convinced, I can explain some advantages of pairing up with a partner in an exercise for you. 

Benefits of partner ab workouts 

1. You can unleash your full potential 

Who does not love challenges? I am sure everyone wants to prove how tough and strong he is. When you work out alone, you do not have to compete with anyone. And so, there is no rush for improvement. 

Again, when you are working out with your buddy, you always try to make the same move better than him. For example, your partner does 30 push ups in a minute, you try to do 35. This competitive mindset will help you to unleash your potential. 

Even scientific researches have proved this point that nobody wants to be the slacker in his group. So, working out with your buddy will help you to give your personal best and build your desired muscles. 

2. Skipping workouts will not be an option

Going to the gym every morning or in the evening with a tired body is nothing less than a nightmare. Hitting the snooze button every morning is more desirable than a healthy body. Believe it or not, most of us have a full year subscription to the gym. But the right time to join never comes. 

The exception will happen if you start partnering up with another one. In that way, both of you will have a responsibility to push the other one. If you try to skip one exercise day, your partner will not let you, and vice versa. This is the only way to keep yourself on track if you are too lazy to work on your abs. 

3. You are constantly improving 

When you do your workouts alone, you can not find your own mistakes. On the other hand, while working out with a friend, he will tell you how to make a move more smooth. However, helping each other in each task will lead to your personal improvement. Partner ab workouts will help you not only building your core muscles but also beating your own record. 

4. Ab workouts will be fun 

Why do you think most people can not stick to their regular workout routine? It is because they find the exercises boring. When you workout with a partner, the practices become more like challenges. Also, the conversations and camaraderie in the partner workouts become more fun than hanging out in a restaurant. 

5. You can not stop celebrating 

Only a fitness enthusiast will know how hard it is to complete a fitness milestone. And when you achieve it, the one thing you can do is to celebrate. Sometimes, we do not find the excitement to push us towards the goal, and the milestone remains unfinished. But with a workout partner, your morale will never be down. 

6. Trying something new will not be scary

We all are afraid of trying something new. When you are working out with your partner, you might notice that both of your exercise tastes are not the same. Well, that is a good thing, right? You can try new exercises and so can your partner. The best thing about this is, you can always explore new trends. 

7. You will have the limitless motivation

Sometimes we become so lost that we do not find any good thing about doing regular abs workouts. But when you have a partner, he will push you out through these thoughts and bring you back to the track. He will encourage you and help you reach new fitness heights. Working out will be rewarding and inspiring for you. 

8. You can count on your buddy 

Injuries are the most common incident in abs workouts. Practicing core exercises with a partner can lessen the chance of injury. He will observe your position and instruct you if your moves are okay or not. 

I hope now you have understood the importance of partner ab workouts. There are many forms of exercises that you can perform with your buddy. In the upcoming sections, I will discuss those workouts.

2 person ab workout with a medicine ball

The most popular form of partner workout is with a medicine ball. To do these exercises, you may need medicine balls of different weights. And the best thing is, you can perform it at home. 

Here are the workouts with a medicine ball that you can perform with your partner. These partner ab workouts engage your core muscles and make you strong.

2 person ab workout with a medicine ball

The medicine ball toss 

◾ In the beginning, take your position standing 6 to 10 feet away from your partner. 

◾ Hold the ball using both your hands and keep your legs a little wider than your shoulder. 

◾ Now step forward, lower the ball between both your legs and toss it to your partner. 

◾ Your partner will catch the ball and throw it to you following the position above. 

◾ Toss the medicine ball back and forth for 10 to 15 reps or 60 seconds. 

◾ You can take a 45 second break between the sets. 

Medicine ball roll plank 

◾ You and your partner both take the plank position facing each other and keep 3 or 4 feet away. 

◾ Now roll the medicine ball with your left rand to the right hand. 

◾ After that, roll the ball to the closest side of your partner. 

◾ He will roll the ball following the same steps and give it back to you. 

◾ When your partner is rolling the ball, maintain the plank position. 

◾ Repeat the task for 10 to 15 reps. 

Medicine balls push ups 

◾ Place yourself n the push up position. Your partner will do the same. 

◾ You both should face each other and maintain a distance of about 3 to 4 feet.

◾ Now keep your right hand on the ground and left hand on a medicine ball. 

◾ Do a push up and roll the ball to your right hand. 

◾ After performing another push up, roll the ball towards your partner. 

◾ He will do the same following all the instructions. 

◾ Continue doing the push ups for 690 seconds. 

◾ Take a break for 45 seconds. 

Bounce and pass the medicine ball 

◾ Both you and your partner stand in front of each other, keeping 3 to 4 feet distance. 

◾ Hold the medicine ball using both your hands. 

◾ Raise the ball above your head and bounce it on the ground towards your partner. 

◾ While bouncing the ball, slightly bend your knees.

◾ Your partner will catch the ball and toss it back to you the same way. 

◾ Now keep passing the medicine ball back and forth for 60 seconds. 

◾ You can rest for 45 seconds between two sets. 

Double tap the medicine ball 

◾ You and your partner, both stand in front of each other and maintain a 1 foot distance. 

◾ Place the medicine ball in the middle of both of you. 

◾ Now tap the ball with your right leg and left leg. 

◾ Your partner will do the same. 

◾ Continue tapping the medicine ball for 1 to 3 minutes. 

Back to back passing of medicine ball 

◾ Stand straight on the ground and maintain a back to back position with your partner. 

◾ Your feet should be wide apart. 

◾ Keep your core tight, but shoulders relaxed. 

◾ Now hold the ball with both your hands and rotate to your right side. 

◾ Your partner will turn to his left side and take the ball. 

◾ Then he will rotate to his right side to pass you the ball. 

◾ Repeat the cycle of passing for 60 seconds.

◾ You can take a break for 45 seconds between two sets. 

Some other partner ab workouts with a medicine ball

📘 Side plank

📘 Side plank with one tap

📘 Crunch pass

📘 Russian twist

6 intense partner workouts

Intense workouts are the most effective for ab muscles. Doing these exercises with a partner will give you a double benefit. It will strengthen your muscles and give you a fun time. Here I am adding 6 intense workouts that you can enjoy with your buddy. 

6 intense partner ab workouts

1. Partner pull-ups:

This is almost like a regular pull up but with a small twist. While you will do chin ups, your partner will resist or support you by holding your legs. Depending on your partner’s ability, continue doing 5 to 8 reps. You can make the workout more intense by doing one arm pull ups. 

2. Partner push-ups:

In this exercise, you have to sit on your partner’s back while he is doing push ups. Your body weight will work as a resistance that the partner has to overcome. And your buddy will do the same when it is your turn. 

3. Partner rows:

This workout can be fun and challenging for both of you. At the first set, you be the rower and hang from a bar. Make your partner support you by holding the leg parallel to the ground. In this exercise, both of you should contribute the same amount of energy. 

4. Headstands:

It is one of the most common partner ab workouts. When you will do your headstand, your partner will stand behind you, holding your legs for support. Doing this exercise with a partner reduces the chance of injury. 

5. Wheelbarrows:

You can only do this workout with the help of a friend. To perform wheelbarrows, you have to go to the push up position. Your partner will hold you by your ankle and keep then at a waist level. You have to walk approximately 15 meters, maintaining that position. 

6. Partner leg throws:

This is an advanced core exercise and majorly focuses on your lower muscles. You should perform this workout only if you have mastered the techniques. 8 to 10 reps of this exercise is enough. 

Some other partner core exercises 

📘 One leg chest press

📘 Squat and jump 

📘 Squat and twist

📘 Kneel and twist 

📘 High five crunches 

📘 High five planks 

📘 Dog meets planks

📘 BOSU for the core

5 Partner workouts at home

Though you can do most of the workouts I have mentioned at home, here are some more intense exercises: 

1. Over-under

2. Roundhouse 

3. Double jump 

4. Triceps pass

5. Squat and dip 

More couples workout ideas

Throughout the article, I have discussed all most every type of exercise you can perform with anyone. Nowadays, couples love working out together. If you are a couple and looking for simple home exercises, here are some exercises for you. 

🔹 Hook squats 

🔹 Wall sit and triceps dips

🔹 Band jump

🔹 Back to back wall sits 

🔹 Back extension

Partner ab workouts at home

How to plan for a partner workout 

Do not try to perform all the workouts mentioned above. Choose any 4 or 5 workouts and do 3 to 4 sets of them with your partner. After finishing them, practice some solo exercises on your own. 

No matter which exercises you choose, take 45 seconds or a 1-minute break between two sets. Your muscles need to relax after any type of exercise. If you do not rest, you may have a muscle pull or injury.

In this era, everyone wants to look fit. But due to the lack of motivation, they can not pursue the passion. Doing partner workouts helps you to stay motivated and on track. No matter if you are doing these workouts with a friend, love ones, or a gym partner, you will get double benefits. You will achieve both the desired body and fun moments.

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