5 Easy Ways Of How To Lose Upper Body Fat

How To Lose Upper Body Fat

In this fast-paced world, we often find ourselves walking and running around from one place to another. Whether it is our office to communicate with our colleagues, or at home preparing dinner, we find ourselves mostly on our toes. 

As a result our leg and hip muscles stay toned and in great shape, while our upper body gets heavier. Amidst your hectic schedule, and you have been desperately seeking ways to reduce arm and back fat for some time now, but in vain. 

Your busy life does not let you spend time in the gym. So, how to lose upper body fat without spending too much time or doing a lot of exercises?

Of course, exercise is a tried and tested method to reduce upper body fat, but there are more ways than one. Have you tried “low carb diets” for example? Just change the way you eat, your whole life will change drastically in front of your eyes!

How To Lose Upper Body Fat

This article will walk you through some easy diet and exercise routines that will reduce your upper body fat in a short time! Wear your gym suit and “run-the-talk”!

How To Lose Upper Body Fat

Below are given 5 ways to lose upper body fat effectively. Time to get rid of them!

1. Focus on losing overall body weight:

The technique of losing fat from a particular region of the body, is known as spot reduction. It is a technique that most dieticians and gym instructors advise to their clients, but studies have shown that they are not as effective as they are popular. 

A study was conducted out of 104 people who had completed a resistance training program for 12 weeks with the spot reduction goal to reduce arm fat, but ended up losing overall body weight with little to no effect on the arm fat. 

A similar study on spot reduction of leg fat concluded that the participants experienced a reduction in the overall body weight, with no effect on the leg fat. Therefore it is just a waste of time to focus on specific area fat loss. 

Just focus on overall weight loss and muscle toning, instead of being obsessed about spot reduction. 

2. Eat more fibers:

Fibers are present in abundance in fruits and vegetables, so ensure that you eat enough of these. They do not add to bodyweight no matter how much you have them—instead, they make you feel full and keep you from overeating and gaining weight. 

A study on 252 women concluded that the fiber intake over a period of 20 months have reduced overall body weight by 0.5 pounds. Another interesting thing is that if you consume 14g of fibers every day for 4 months, your calorie intake will reduce by 10%. 

3. Reduce concentrated sugar intake:

An effective way of how to lose upper body fat is by lowering the intake of processed sugars. White or processed sugar has less fiber, and when consumed causes spikes in blood sugar levels. They get absorbed too quickly into the blood creating sugar-cravings and increased hunger. 

Refined carbs are present in food such as pasta, sodas, colas, breakfast cereals, white bread, and such food items. The more you eat them, the more your craving for them will increase. 

You will not feel full, thus you will tend to overeat and gain weight. If this is your diet, you will need to reduce their intake and add more fibrous food like oats, barley, quinoa, and buckwheat to your morning breakfast. 

4. Lifting weights:

How to Reduce Fat on My Upper Body?” is a question that many clients ask, and lifting weights is a great way to shed some pounds from your upper body.  Lifting weight is a form of resistance training. Though it might not reduce arm fat, but it will tone your muscles making your arms look slimmer. 

A study conducted among 28 women for 12 weeks showed an increase in muscle mass and strength, and also a reduction in overall body fat. Another study which was conducted among 109 participants, both men and women, showed that a combination of resistance training and aerobic exercise resulted in the generation of lean body mass. 

If you practice resistance training and aerobic exercise, you will be able to build a low-fat, lean body mass that will increase your metabolism and will make you fit. You can try these forms of exercises: upright rows, overhead presses, and bicep curls, among others. 

Lifting weights add more muscles to your body, and muscles are the tissues that are quite active and burn the highest amount of energy. Therefore increasing your muscle tissues will not only make you look better, with slimmer and toned arms, but will also help you achieve your fitness goals. 

Lean body mass takes up less space as well, in comparison to fat tissues, so when you build more muscles, you look slimmer overall. Now you can finally wear those skinny jeans or tight leggings that you struggled to get into earlier. 

5. Do Exercise:

When we are talking about methods on how to lose arm fat, pushups and other similar exercise forms, pop up in our minds quickly.  

How To Lose Upper Body Fat

One of the most stubborn fat regions of the body is in the arms—they just do not want to go away no matter how much diet tea you drink or how many miles you run! 

Thanks to modern ways of exercising and diet regimes that losing fat from the biceps and triceps area, as well as toning them, have become quite easy. So how do you do pushups and similar exercises?

🔹 Pushups:

By upper body we generally mean neck, shoulders, arms, chest, and upper back. All these regions are covered during pushups. Pushups are great when it comes to how to reduce upper body fat

You would need to assume a plank position, resting your whole body on your palms and toes. Next you would need to bend your elbows and lower your full body, without letting the knees touch the ground. 

Then, in a similar way but in reverse this time, straighten your elbow, and pull your whole body back into the initial position. Repeat this 10 times to complete 1 set. Do 3 sets each time daily. 

🔹 Plank shoulder taps:

If you want to know how to get skinny arms, try plank shoulder taps. This form of exercise covers the shoulders, arms, chest, and abdominals. 

Assume a plank position just like in pushups. Now slowly lift your right hand, while supporting your whole body on your left palm and toes of both legs, and tap your left shoulder. 

Repeat this in reverse, this time lifting the left arm and tapping the right shoulder. Repeat these tapping sessions alternately. When you are done with 30 taps, 1 set is complete. Do 3 sets daily.

How To Lose Upper Body Fats Without Weights

Eat more proteins, simple. There are myriads of plant and animal protein sources—take chicken, fish, legumes, peas and beans, for example. Try to include these food items as much as possible in your diet. 

How To Lose Upper Body Fats Without Weights

Proteins are body-building foods that help to repair wear and tear, and promote growth. They do not add any extra weight to your body—in fact they help you reduce your calorie-intake, while keeping your lean mass high.  

A study conducted among 20 young women revealed that a high-protein diet helped in reducing hunger, because proteins lowered the production of the hormone ‘ghrelin’ that is known to increase hunger. Also, a very good way of how to lose upper body weight without exercise is by eating more proteins. 

How To Lose Upper Back Fat

To lose upper back fat, try these effective exercise routines:

🔹 Arm forward circles: This exercise targets the arms muscles. Extend your arms on either side, clench your fingers, and move your arms in a circularly, almost like flapping wings. Do this 20 times clockwise, and then 20 times anti-clockwise. 

There is another form called “Slap Them Hands” where you have to hold your lower arm 90 degrees to your upper arm, like how you do when you are about to “high-five” somebody. 

Then lower your lower arm downward, as if the person you are about to high-five is sitting underneath you, and not in front of you. This form of exercise targets the rotator cuffs. 

🔹 Others: There is a wide array of exercise routines that you can do in the comfort of your own home to reduce arm and back fat. Some popular names include Punch Jack, Wing Fly, Back Squeeze, Back Lift, Knee Pushup, Mountain Climber, Yoga Pushup and Air Circles.

Upper body fat develops due to unhealthy dietary habits, poor sitting or standing postures, and lack of exercise. High upper body fat is bad for your heart’s health and should be kept in check. 

Many people who are concerned about their health pose this question, “How to lose upper body fat?” The answer is easy to find if you are looking for it!

Low carb diet and some easy-to-do exercise regimes are the way to go. Increase your intake of plant proteins and fibers, and reduce intake of processed sugars. 

Do pushups and arm-exercises every day. You can do them even while you are at work or while the cake is getting ready in the oven! 

And most importantly, keep yourself happy. Your mind and body are directly linked. 

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