How Fast Does Hair Grow And How To Grow Them Faster

how fast does hair grow

Have you ever wondered how fast does hair grow? It can easily pop into anyone’s mind. We will be unveiling that here, along with some tips to make that happen. So, stick out for a while to get some essential information on your hair. 

The amount of hair follicles is something that is engraved in us from our birth. You can’t have more hair than that. But with your increasing age, you will see losing some of them because the production of hair stops at a certain point in time from some follicles. This is what we call baldness or reduction of hair. 

But how fast your hair will grow has a lot to do with that. Let’s get to know a little bit deep into the matter. 

Factors of Hair Growth 

how fast does hair grow

Your hair growth depends mostly on your age, genetics, hair type, healthcare, health condition, and how you maintain your hair. 

Usually, your hair grows about an inch every month. This is the average rate of hair growth for humans. Different things influence your hair growth that we discussed a little while ago. And you can also do some things for your hair to grow faster because the growth of your hair happens on a cellular level. So, you can do stuff to promote that from the cellular level as well.

But before we get to all those tips and tricks, you should know about the different stages of hair growth. There are basically three stages of hair growth for a single strand of hair. 

The first one is the anagen phase. In the anagen phase, your hair grows very actively. This growth phase lasts for about 2 to 8 years. This is the time your hair grows the most and fast. 

Then comes the transition phase. Here your hair growth completely stops for about 4 to 6 weeks. This time is very crucial for your hair. Because the wrong steps here will cause your hair to damage in the next phase, and you will lose a lot of hair.

Finally, there is the telogen phase. This is the phase where your hairs will fall no matter what you do. You really can’t stop your hair from falling. And it’s completely natural. Although you can control the amount of hair, you lose with proper care of your hair. This phase lasts for three months.  

Now let’s get through some things you can try to keep your hair healthy and growing.

How To Grow Hair Faster Naturally

how fast does hair grow

Just like anything else, you can grow your hair faster by consuming the things they are actually made of. Keratin and dead skin cells make up hair. But you can’t consume dead skin cells. So, one obvious solution for hair growth is Keratin consumption. Other than that, you can try other natural hair growth tips. Such as- 

1. Hair growth vitamins 

Vitamins play a vital role in keeping your body fit. It does the same for your hair too. But they don’t directly help your hairs to grow. You can keep your hair healthy by consuming vitamins. With the consumption of vitamin c, you can stop your hair from thinning out.  Also, it helps in preventing your hair from going gray due to stress. Vitamin d helps you in hair loss.

Other than these vitamins, there are some other nutrients you can try to have healthy hair. Such as omega 3 and 6, iron, biotin, zinc, etc. 

2. Using oils

Just like your skin, your hairs also need some essential oils. Dried out hair can stop hair growth. So, you will need to keep your hair moisturized. You can use different kinds of oils to help your hairs stay moisturized. Oils such as rosemary and peppermint have a lot of impact on your hair growth. 

Along with them, you can use some other oils that help protect your hair. Like, coconut oil, castor oil, mineral oils, etc. You can mix these with the other two to have better results. They help your hair grow faster than usual. 

3. Using topical ointments

This is a great solution for people who are struggling with hair loss. It doesn’t necessarily make your hair grow faster, but it helps in hair growth if there is hair loss. Products such as minoxidil are already proven for hair growth. Melatonin has an impact on hair loss and also works on your hair density. Then there are Prophecies and ketoconazole shampoo. You can try out these things, especially if you have hair loss issues. But remember to consult a doctor before you approach these kinds of things. 

4. Consuming protein

Protein helps greatly in hair growth. It also helps in protecting your hair from outer damages. Try getting protein from the food you eat rather than relying on supplements. Because too much protein might have a negative impact on your overall body condition. To protect the protein on your hair, you can apply a layer of coconut oil. It won’t stop the loss of protein but reduce the amount of protein you lose each time. 

You can your the required amount of protein from your regular food. Just follow a healthy diet, and that will do it.

5. Using products with caffeine included

Caffeine has a positive impact on your hair. However, this is a very new field of study. Researchers are trying to figure out does caffeine truly works or not. Till now, mostly, it actually helps in growing your hair faster. So, you can use shampoos and conditioners that have caffeine in them. 

These are some tips to keep your hair healthy. Healthy hair will always grow better than damaged hair. Also, damaged hair has a high chance of falling. 


So, now you know how fast does your hair grow. You can’t control the growth of your hair with products. But using different products and following various tips can keep your hair healthy. That’s why we shared some tips alongside as well. We hope this will be helpful for your hair growth.


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