Beginners Guide For How To Braid Hair

How to braid hair

Having long hair takes a lot of work. You can hardly do your work while your hairs are open. It gets difficult to move around. You can just tie them in a knot, but that doesn’t look good enough. So, what you can do is braid your hair. Don’t know how to braid hair? Well, we have got you covered.

Braiding can really make your hair look stylish, along with the convenience. There are various types of braids you can try out. We will take you through some of them. They are pretty easy to follow along.

Let’s just get onto it.

How To Braid Hair Easy

How to braid hair

Here we have got some easy braids to do on yourself. You can try them out to make your hair look good while it’s bound. Just follow along with the steps.

1. The basic braid

First of all, you will need to comb your hair to detangle them. Make sure they are straight and smooth. This will speed up the braiding process. It’s better if you have washed your hair or used conditioner before doing this.

Then get your hair tied so you can work on them easily. You can tie a ponytail with your hair. Make sure the ponytail is really tight towards the neck. Then divide your hair into three sections. Try to divide them evenly.

Now, hold the left section and get it in the middle crossing it over the middle section. This way, your left section now becomes the middle one. Then go for the right section and cross it over the middle section.

Continue crossing over the individual sections like this. You have to keep these crossovers tight, so your braid stays in place. Otherwise, it will loosen up after a while.

You need to close the ends of your braid. Don’t cross over all the hair. Keep some of the hairs as they were. Then tie a band right at the end of your braid. That’s it; you are done with the traditional hair braid.

You can use a hair spray to make sure the braid stays in place. You can use embellishments to make your braid look prettier.

2. French braids

Start off with straight, combed hair. French braids are a bit tricky to do, so you will need tangle free hair. After you have freed your hair from all the tangles, you can move ahead. The first thing to do for French braids is to create the starting sections of the braids. These sections come from three different parts of your head.

The left and right sections of the braid will come from the front of your head. And the middle one will come from the middle of your head. You need to make sure that the sections you got together are of even sizes. Otherwise, the braid won’t look good.

After separating the sections, hold them in your hands. You will need to pull them a little to ensure the braid is tight. Then get the left strands and cross them over the middle strands of your hair. Once you do that, you will need to add some of your hair on the right strand. Adding this hair is what makes French braids different from basic ones.

With the added hair on the right strands, cross it over the middle section. And then add some hair to the left strand you did earlier.

Repeat this process until only three strands of hairs are left. From there on, you can do the basic braiding until you reach the end. Once you reach the end, close the braid using a band. To keep the French braid intact, you can use some hair spray. This will keep the braid in place for a longer time.

Once again, you can use embellishments to make your hair look even more attractive.

How to braid hair

3. Five strand braid

Unlike the other two braids, you will be working with five different strands of hair on this one. Just like always, you will need to tangle-free your hair with a comb. Then divide your hair into five different sections that are evenly sized. The purpose of a five-strand braid is going for a more elegant look.

After dividing them into 5 strands, hold the two left strands on your left hand and two right ones on your right hand. The middle one stays loose just for now. Then bring the leftmost strand of hair in the middle. Make sure it comes over the second left strand of hair and under the middle strand of hair.

Then bring the rightmost strand of hair in the middle. It will cross over the second right strand and under the middle strand. Keep following this braiding pattern. Try to alternate the outer strands as much as you can. This is what makes this braiding so intricate and elegant.

Then just like any other braid, get a ribbon and tie the ends of your braid.

So, this how-to braid hair yourself. You can try them out at home on your own. And from there on you can go for other styles. There are many other forms of braiding you can get. We’ll be listing some of them.

  • The Dutch braid: This is a pretty popular form of a braid. It’s just a variant of the French braid we discussed above. The process is just the reverse of a French braid.
  • Waterfall braid: If you let some hair loose from your French braid, you will get this style. It looks like a waterfall.
  • Braided braid: Well, this might seem a bit complex in the beginning. But it’s just basic braids braided again. It takes a bit of time to do this.


We sincerely hope you know how to braid hair now. Suppose you haven’t done braiding before, we suggest starting with the basic one. This will get you into the habit of braiding your hair. From there on, you can go for different styles of braiding.


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