How Often Should You Wash Your Hair?

how often should you wash your hair

How often have you praised frisky, dull, oily hair? If you have done it for some time, then you are just one of them with a lack of cleanliness. Tell me one other thing. Do you like your friend whose head smells bad and allow them to smudge with you? If you do that too, then God helps you. But for your kind information, smelly hair is considered just as awful as bad breath. But washing it too much also damages it. So, the question is, how often should you wash your hair? That’s what we will find out here.

People who practice hygiene activities regularly are expected to avoid people who do not or maintain a certain distance. And mark my word, Hygiene awareness has always been one of the top priorities of health care specialists. People tend to like neat and tidy ones more than those who are not.

This is just one case, and we feel you need to know why washing your hair is essential. Along with that, we will go through a lot of info on hair wash.

How Hair Wash Improves Hair Quality 

how often should you wash your hair

Your body naturally produces oils, and those oils are responsible for making your hair feel greasy. Washing your hair with shampoo helps to cleanse your hair and strip the greasy oils off your hair, and your hair feels smooth and silky.  

If you develop redness or itchy scales on your scalp, it’s time for suds up. That’s the way your scalp calls for a wash. And suds can incredibly show very good results by removing unwanted scales that are just blocking your hair growth. 

Getting a hair wash can strengthen your roots, which means the hair fall rate becomes less. It can also nourish your hair resulting in thicker and longer hair.

If you have curly hair, it is crucial for you to maintain your curl and hair density. As dust, dirt, soil goes through your hair; it gets stuck on your hair and scalp, which damages your hair and loosens your curl. It also damages your scalp and blocks the important keratin to go into the hair follicle. So, reducing those impurities become inevitable. And there can be nothing better than washing your hair. 

Styling cream and other products tend to stay on your scalp. If you don’t use shampoo to get rid of them, the residue can become visible, and your hair could even start looking a bit lackluster. And trust me, no one likes dull, feckless hair. In a few days of not washing your hair, you may experience some scalp inflammation. When it happens, just in and use shampoo.

The most important thing about washing your hair is your hair smells perfect. The dulcet fragrance of your hair spreads around you, and you may get much more attention for it. 

So far, we have told how important getting hair wash can be, and many people who have realized it earlier have asked one specific question very frequently.

How often do you need to wash your hair?

There is various type of people with a diverse opinion on intervals in between hair washes. We will decode them and say our opinion on them one by one.  

  1. Once a week: Some people prefer washing their hair once a week. They say it keeps their hair look glossy for the natural scalp oil. We say it depends on your scalp oil production rate. The more oil is produced, the more possibility of having greasy hair. And the scalp is not so good at evenly distributing the oil. And, your tips will stay dry where your scalp will become mighty greasy. So, we don’t consult this method at all.
  2. Twice in a week: A group of people prefers washing their hair twice a week. They say this method helps their hair feeling smooth and silky. We say it is okay to have nice and silky hair but not so nice to have a scalp full of dead skin cells. We won’t recommend this method, but only those who have slow hair growth and thicker hair strands can follow it. If this method suits the scalp, then you can go on with it.
  3. Every other day: Many people wash their heads every other day. They say it helps them to get enough nourishment, and hair strands have thickened. We say, try it. If you have curly hair, we strongly recommended this method.
  4. Every day: And a major group suggests to wash hair every day. They say it keeps their hair to look incredibly healthy plus gives a long-term fragrance. We say it is the best option to choose for those who have thin to medium hair strands. This will improve the hair follicle and keep your scalp nice and clean, and slowly but surely increase the hair density.  

Everyone is different. Every hair texture is different. So, we will suggest you go through all of the above methods and see what is best for yourself. And if your hair responds to a different method, not mentioned here, you should stick to it and enjoy your hair wash.  

Hair washing pro tips 

  1. Use lukewarm water to cleanse your hair. It helps to bring out dirt from the follicle.
  2. Always double wash your hair. The first wash will remove unnecessary elements; the second wash will nourish your hair.
  3. Start washing from the back of your scalp to the front.
  4. Don’t be rough on your scalp while shampooing.  Apply gentle massage with side to side motion.
  5. Only wash the scalp, not the hair. You are just wasting your shampoo washing the tips.


We think we have given you an excellent road map, but it is up to you how you reach your destination. Strictly the following something can sometimes make you overdo it. And overdoing anything literally can hamper the job at hand. Always remember, shampoo is not scary; it is the heat styling after shampooing is bad. And now that you know how often you should wash your hair, you can help your hairs from extra damages.


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