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Type 1 diabetes diet

Type 1 Diabetes Diet- Accomplish A Healthy Diet For You

Diagnosed with diabetes type 1 can be heartbreaking. As from now on, there are endless tasks that you will have to embrace, and they...
Gestational Diabetes Diet

Gestational Diabetes Diet- Make Your Days Better

If you are not familiar with gestational diabetes, let us enlighten you; this type of diabetes occurs in a pregnant woman. Often, pregnant women...
When diet and exercise don't work

When Diet And Exercise Don’t Work What Do You Do?

You might ask yourself why I am not losing weight when I exercise and diet. You are following the proper diet and also you...
Can Diet Change Eye Color

Can Diet Change Eye Color And Should I Be Worried?

You might be surprised but your color can be changed because of the diet that you eat. If you suddenly change your diet to...
Makeup Tutorials For Beginners

Full Face Makeup Tutorials For Beginners In 11 Steps

When it is about makeup, many people don't know much about it. Well, that is kind of embarrassing nowadays, considering makeup is a necessity....