6 Effective Poses Of Yoga For Lower Back Pain

beginner yoga session for lower back pain

Having pain in the lower back can take a lot out of you. Sometimes it gets really stressful for people. You won’t be able to walk or sit down properly or have difficulty doing these. So, you must not neglect your lower back pain at any cost. That’s why we bring you regular yoga for lower back pain

Yoga is something of a natural solution to keep yourself fit. Now with the help of yoga, you can easily get rid of the unbearable lower back pain you got from sitting all day. Let’s get on with it. 

Yoga Exercises For Lower Back Pain Relief

beginner yoga session for lower back pain

If you are having trouble with back pain, you can try a beginner yoga session for lower back pain. These are some simple yet effective yoga poses to go through. 

1. The Child’s pose:

For this one, you will need a mat or a flat surface. The purpose of this pose is to take off the pressure from your spine. It works almost like a stretch. So, here is how you do it. First of all, you will need to kneel down on the surface. Keep your feet together and make sure the knees are apart by hip-width. Then get your body down, so your chest touches your knees. Keep your hands straight and flat on the ground. It’s better if your forehead touches the ground as well. Stay in this position for 2 minutes; after that, get back to sitting on your knees. 

2. Cat to the cow:

The next one is a pretty effective yoga pose for relieving back pain. It’s called cat and cow pose. This is helpful because of the stretch it gives to your spine throughout the process. It’s also pretty easy to do. All you need to do is sit on your knees and the palms of your hand. Make sure your arms are parallel to your thighs. Then you just have to bend your back upwards and get your head downwards. This is the cat position. Then you will do the reverse. Get your head upwards and your back inwards. This is the cow position. Keep going between cat and cow position for about 2 minutes. This is one of the best yoga poses for beginners because it’s really easy and effective. 

3. The Sphinx:

Another easy and effective yoga posture for your back pain. To do this one, you just lay down on your stomach. Make sure to keep your legs straight and attached. Then slowly curve your back and pick your head up. As you go upkeep your forearms open and forward so you can keep balance. It also helps in getting leverage to keep your upper body lifted. Try going up to a point where you can literally feel the stretch on your back. But keep in mind not to overdo it. If it strains too much, reduces the pressure by pulling yourself down. Find a comfortable position and stay in that for about 2 to 3 minutes. 

4. Standing forward bend:

If you have pain in your back along with your legs, then this is the position you must do. This one stretches your legs with your back at the same time. It has a great impact on your spine lengthening as well. So, to do this, you just have to stand straight. Then lift up your arms and keep them straight. Now, bend your upper body anchoring your waist. Try to touch the floor with your fingers. Also, make sure to keep your arms and legs as straight as you can. The straighter they are, the more useful this pose becomes. Hold onto your bending position for 2 to 4 minutes. You can also do multiple rounds of this exercise. 

5. Spine twist:

You can get rid of most of your back pain through proper spine alignment. Having that also makes your posture a lot better. Spine twist is a beneficial pose for that purpose. To do this, you just need to lay down on your back. Then tuck your knees and bring them close to your chest. Now, get them on one side while your head and upper body faces the other way. This will work as a twist towards your waist area. Hold onto this position for 2 minutes. Then do the exact same thing on the other side. Keep doing it as long as you want. This will help your spine get aligned perfectly with your body. 

6. Knees to chest slow rock:

This is an exercise to get all of the strain and stress away from your body. It’s almost similar to the spine twist but much easier to do. Here, you lay down on your back. Then tuck in your knees, so they touch your chest. Then keep your knees locked in with your arms. Hold them tight as if you were hugging them. Now, keeping all your weight on your back, try slowly rocking your body left to right. This will impact all of your back muscles and help you get relaxed at the same time. 

You can try out these yoga poses to completely get rid of your lower back pain. But there are some things you need to be concerned about. You must follow a routine and do it regularly until you get relief from your pain. 

Also, you will need to make sure you have proper breathing control while doing all these exercises. Yoga is very impactful if done with proper breathing. You can check out various breathing sessions. 


There you go; we hope you will surely get relief from your severe lower back pain with this yoga guide. We tried to explain how to do the poses along with their purposes. 

Yoga for lower back pain is the most effective weapon you can have. You don’t even need to rely on any medication. And with the poses we suggested, you can also keep yourself fit with some stretching at the same time.

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