5 Best Different Types of Yoga: Guide with Benefit

Different Types of Yoga

Are you someone who has just started to find interest in yoga and now all confused watching random videos? Or are you just tired of doing the same routine and practices every day? Well, today we will be going through different types of yoga and find out the best for you along the way.

Yoga, some take it as a fitness training and others do it for relaxation. But little do they know it helps in both at the same time. Lucky for you because you just read it and from now you can not take it lightly. 

To get you into the depths of this amazing branch of physical training now we are going to look at some yoga styles and discuss which one goes well for you.

Types of yoga

Here you go through some of the most popular types of yoga and how they work. You will get to know about the benefits of yoga as well.  

1. Hatha Yoga:

Different Types of Yoga: Hatha Yoga

This is sort of generalizes yoga that does any physical movement with breath. To which you will practice asana or the postures and pranayama or meditation. It is a long holding yoga practice. Most of the time in Hatha is one holding posture for a short time around 20 seconds then another holding posture for a longer period. 

It’s the best yoga you can do as a beginner. Because it will help you get accustomed to various types of poses and asanas involved in other types of yoga. 


    • Basic poses
    • Breath control
    • Meditation
    • Basic Stretching.


    • You will be more flexible
    • Improved mental state
    • Reduced stress and anxiety.

2. Vinyasa Yoga:

Different Types of Yoga: vinyasa Yoga

Vinyasa is probably the most popular yoga style that synchronizes your breath with your movement. It is also known as flow yoga. The reason is that when you are doing this yoga your body will have a movement relative to your breathing. Your breathing control will go hand in hand with your body movement. It can be a bit difficult to match up your breathing and movements at the same time. But with more and more practice you will get the hang of it. 

As you may have long-held throughout the practice, you will definitely experience the dynamic flow that exists within a vinyasa session. You start to develop muscle awareness, body awareness, more like muscle memory. You will find some new terms like Chaturanga, Down dog, Uttanasana, and many more.


    • More workout
    • More cardio
    • Advance poses.


    • Strengthened muscle
    • Improved fitness
    • You become more balanced.

3. Power Yoga:

Different Types of Yoga: Power Yoga

This is actually another variant of Vinyasa. But it’s a bit different in terms of using power. In power yoga, your goal is to achieve more strength by putting more force. It can be described as a vigorous and athletic-based approach to vinyasa-style yoga. You are going to have a lot of flow. The difference between vinyasa and power is even going through flowing sometimes you have to do holding postures that build strength and heat in the body.

In Power Yoga, you will realize its uniqueness in the intensity of the poses, more dynamic movement, and cardio training through the yoga movements. Power yoga classes can be more challenging than other styles of yoga. So, anyone wanting to strengthen their body can try out this yoga.


    • Techniques to achieve calmness and inner focus
    • Strategies to concentrate on breathing
    • To achieve more endurance.


    • Enhanced stamina
    • It deals with asthma
    • You burn more calories than other styles of yoga

4. Yin Yoga:

Different Types of Yoga: Yin Yoga

Yin is a passive practice that includes holding poses from 3 to 5 to 10 minutes depending on how advanced your practice is. It will really get into your joints, connective tissue, and your bones. It is the only style where muscles are meant to be completely disengaged. Releasing the muscles in these longer held poses will help your body in a different way than other styles of yoga.

With the help of this yoga routine, you will be able to have relaxing muscles and minds. All the poses you do in this routine will require you to either lie on the ground or sit. The slow movements of the yoga make it worth your time. Because your body feels all the stretches and moves into every part. You can get into a deeper relaxing state. 


    • Effective stretching pose
    • Stress release formula
    • How to calm your mind with some intense poses.


    • This style targets muscle connective tissues on your whole body
    • Increased circulation in the joints
    • Strengthened heart, kidney, lungs, and digestive system.

5. Restorative Yoga:

Different Types of Yoga: Restorative Yoga

Yin sister which is restorative is also a popular yoga style. This is definitely one that is going to help you relax your mind and your body completely. If you practice restorative yoga you may hardly move all doing just a few poses in the course of an hour. The difference between restorative to yin is that in restorative yoga muscles are engaged.

Restorative yoga is a very relaxing and grounded style of yoga. In this yoga, you will hardly need to use your muscle because you are going to be in propped positions using bolsters or even the ground to prop you up and then you just relax. Anybody can do restorative and everybody should do restorative.  


    • The use of props during yoga sessions
    • Deep stretches
    • The practice of patience.


    • Good for recovery and healing
    • Reduced anxiety
    • It gives complete relaxation.


As you can tell by now yoga is really good for our body. We have discussed the most popular and most effective yoga forms. We suppose we have given you the right track and set to choose from different types of yoga.

But we recommend you to practice all types of yoga and find what you find most suited for you and then do another so that you don’t lose your interest. Yoga is most certainly one of the best exercises for your body and you should do it every day.

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