Way To Lower Cholesterol: 8 Tips That Will Change Your Life

Way To Lower Cholesterol

High cholesterol leads to heart issues and other chronic diseases. Medication is a solution to high cholesterol conditions but there are other easy ways too. Researchers claim that anyone can reduce the cholesterol level by bringing up small changes in his lifestyle. 

If you are looking for a way to lower cholesterol, you can give this article a try. This article will discuss 8 tips that will raise your HDL level by reducing the bad cholesterol.

Way To Lower Cholesterol 

Cholesterol is one kind of lipid. You can divide it into 2 main groups, LDL (Low-density lipoprotein) or the bad cholesterol and HDL (High-density lipoprotein) or the good cholesterol. If the LDL level rises, we call the condition high cholesterol. Our target will be to keep the LDL level low and HDL level high. 

Way To Lower Cholesterol

Here are some of the tips that will help you reduce cholesterol fast: 

1. Focus on healthy fats 

Most people have a misconception that fats are bad for cholesterol. The statement is true only for unhealthy fats, not for healthy ones. 

Scientists claim that monosaturated and polyunsaturated fats are healthy. Not only that, these fats reduce the LDL level and increase HDL production. According to a study, daily consumption of monosaturated fats will raise your HDL level by almost 12%. 

The monosaturated fats also contain antioxidants that can unblock the clogged arteries. Again, polyunsaturated fats reduce the LDL level by 10% and lower the risk of having coronary artery diseases by 20%.

Here are some food items that contain healthy fats: 

    • Olive oil 
    • Palm oil 
    • Hazelnut 
    • Walnut 
    • Almonds 
    • Avocado 

Omega 3 fatty acid is another kind of polyunsaturated fat that lowers the LDL level. Sea fishes like sardines, mackerel, tuna, and salmon are great sources of omega-3 fatty acids. The tree nuts and seeds are also rich in omega 3 fatty acids. 

Focusing on healthy fats in your meals can be an excellent way to lower cholesterol

2. Eliminate unhealthy fats 

By unhealthy fats, I am indicating trans and saturated fats. Trans fat is one kind of unsaturated hydrogenated fat. Remember, every hydrogenated oil or food item is bad for cholesterol. 

The impact of trans fat on the cholesterol level is worse. This not only increases the LDL level but decreases the HDL or good cholesterol. Experts claim that regular intake of trans fats reduces the HDL by 20%. Another New York statistics shows that restricting trans fat will reduce heart diseases by 4.5%. 

Pastries, cakes, bakery goods, restaurant foods, junk items, red meats, and deep-fried items contain a large amount of trans fat or artificial fats. If you want to reduce cholesterol fast, avoid these items at any cost. 

3. Add more soluble fibers to the meals 

Plants, vegetables, and fruits are packed with soluble fibers, vitamins, and other nutrients. Recently, different studies have concluded that daily consumption of double fiber reduces the LDL level by 18%. Also, this fiber increases the HDL level and helps us maintain a healthy cholesterol condition.

There are many more health benefits of eating soluble fibers. For example, it decreases the chance of having heart disease. So, add more plants to your daily meal. Eating morning cereal can be a great way of fiber intake.

4. Eat healthy 

What foods to eat to lower cholesterol? Before buying any food, make sure it contains either healthy fats or is rich in soluble fibers. Also, go for the foods that are packed with vitamins and minerals. Here is a food list that can reduce cholesterol fast: 

    • Apple 
    • Banana 
    • Avacado
    • Strawberry 
    • Raspberry 
    • Blueberry 
    • Oats 
    • Bran 
    • Legumes 
    • Lentils 
    • Eggplants 
    • Okra 
    • Bean 
    • Barley 
    • Walnut
    • Hazelnut 
    • Almond 
    • Full fat yogurt 
    • Tuna
    • Salmon 
    • Sardines
    • Eggs 
    • Mackerel 

Besides eating cholesterol-lowering foods, you must avoid the ones that increase the LDL level. So, what are the worst foods for high cholesterol? Look at the following list: 

    • Butter 
    • Peanuts 
    • Lamb 
    • Pork 
    • Deep-fried products 
    • Restaurant foods 
    • Junk items 
    • Red meat 
    • Cake 
    • Pastry 
    • Bakery goods
    • Added sugar 
    • Sausage 
    • Processed foods 
    • Canned foods 
    • Poultry skin 
    • Coconut oil 
    • Ghee 

5. Regular workouts 

No matter if you want a healthy heart, lose weight, or lower your cholesterol, exercise is always a must. Low-intensity workouts can increase the HDL level, and reduce the harmful LDL of the body. You do not need to do heavy workouts like weight or power training. Jogging, jumping jacks, resistance workouts, or stair climbing will be great for reducing bad cholesterol.  

6. Quit smoking 

Smoking is a bad habit. It is not only killing the person who is smoking but also harming the people around. Many people do not know that smoking can affect cholesterol levels. 

The immune cells in the blood vessels transport cholesterol to the liver. But the tar and nicotine damage the immune cells and make the cells unable to return the cholesterol. As a result, there is a fast development of cholesterol in the bloodstream. 

Giving up smoking will reduce your LDL level. Also, you will get other health benefits too. 

7. Supplements to lower cholesterol

Experts claim that supplements can reduce your cholesterol level. Here are some of the cholesterol supplements that have long term benefits: 

Barley: This reduces the cholesterol level and is well tolerated. But some people may have allergies to barley. 

Fish oil: Fish oil is a great source of omega-3 fatty acid. This supplement will not only lower LDL but also increase the HDL level. 

Green tea: This drinking option works great as a cholesterol-lowering supplement. Some people feel nausea or bloating, after drinking green tea. 

Some other supplements are: 

    • Psyllium 
    • Niacin 
    • Coenzyme Q10

8. Get in shape 

Well, you do not have to build a 6 pack abs. But scientists claim that being overweight sometimes reduces the production of HDL. Losing 1 or 2 pounds can be a way to lower cholesterol. 

Final words 

High cholesterol can cause heart diseases and increase the risk of stroke. Bringing small changes in food habits and lifestyle will actually help you maintain your cholesterol level. 


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