Low Cholesterol Meals: Plan Your Diet With The Best 10 Foods

Low Cholesterol Meals

High cholesterol causes heart conditions and other chronic diseases. The best way to control LDL or overall cholesterol level is by following low cholesterol meals.

A healthy plate can lead to a healthier heart and life. Not only that, it reduces your LDL level and also controls your blood pressure. So, keeping a good knowledge of low cholesterol meals will always benefit you. And that is exactly what this article is all about. Here you will get the foods that are safe for high cholesterol people along with some tasty low cholesterol recipes

Best Low cholesterol foods

Low Cholesterol Meals

Low cholesterol foods taste bad. This is a general statement. But you may not know that you can actually include some interesting food items in the diet. Here are some cholesterol-lowering food items

1. Dark chocolate 

While other chocolates contain harmful fats, dark chocolate is totally the opposite. It contains cocoa powder that significantly decreases LDL cholesterol and raises HDL levels at the same time. There are some other health benefits of dark chocolates too. For example, lowering heart disease risk. The experts suggest choosing dark chocolates that are at least 75% concentrated. 

2. Fruits 

Fruits are a great source of pectin, vitamins, and other minerals. Pectin is one kind of soluble fiber that decreases LDL cholesterol and raises overall cholesterol levels. So, which fruits are good for lowering LDL? According to experts, apples, bananas, cherries, oranges, grapes, strawberries, raspberries, blueberries, and all citrus fruits. 

Besides reducing bad cholesterol, fruits can do many other goods too. Such as: 

    • Banana removes cholesterol from entering the bloodstream. It keeps the heart-healthy. 
    • Cherries are rich in antioxidants. 
    • The polyphenolic compounds in grapes protect cells from damage. 
    • Blueberries improve the blood circulation rate.
    • Eating apples daily help the brain function properly and prevent cancer. 
    • The soluble fiber in raspberries boosts digestion. 
    • Adding strawberries to the morning breakfast will reduce the risk of heart disease. 

3. Sea fish 

We have a misconception that all fats are bad. Well, that is not true. Dietary fats like omega-3 fatty acids have many health advantages. For example, the omega-3 fatty acids in sea fishes reduce the triglyceride level and maintain the overall cholesterol. 

Tuna, sardines, salmon, mackerel are loaded with healthy fats and other nutrients. According to the American Heart Association, eating tuna regularly can decrease the risk of having heart diseases. 

4. Whole grain 

Experts suggest that foods that are rich in soluble fibers reduce LDL levels. And whole grains like oats are packed with beta-glucan, one kind of fiber that can significantly lower cholesterol. Buckwheat, bulgur, and barley are also a great source of fiber grains. Some people prefer barley or buckwheat because you can prepare a variety of low cholesterol meals with this whole grain. 

5. Vegetables 

No matter if you want to maintain your cholesterol level, or just want to stay healthy, vegetables are always the solution. Most vegetables are rich in soluble fibers, vitamins, and minerals. These nutrients not only lower LDL but also decrease the risk of heart disease.  

Here are some of the veggies that effectively lower cholesterol level: 

    • Eggplant 
    • Okra 
    • Kale
    • Spinach 
    • Squash 

6. Avocado 

Both avocado and avocado oils are heart-healthy foods. As I have mentioned earlier that not all fats are bad for health. Monosaturated and polyunsaturated are two of the healthiest fats. They can maintain cholesterol levels by destroying LDL and increasing the HDL level. Also, adding avocado to your diet will keep your heart healthy and reduce the heart disease rate. 

7. Nuts 

Hazelnut, pecans, pistachios, and pine nuts are packed with monosaturated fats, fibers, vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and other nutrients. Researchers claim that adding tree nuts to everyday snack or low cholesterol meals has the following benefits: 

    • Maintain overall cholesterol level
    • Reduce the risk of heart attack 
    • Protect body cells 

8. Lentils and legumes 

Legumes can be a great option for lowering cholesterol. All legumes and lentils are high in fiber, protein, vitamins, and other minerals. Consuming legumes and lentils optimize blood flow and make sure the body is effectively absorbing all nutrients. 

Here is a list of lentils and legumes that reduce LDL cholesterol: 

    • Chickpeas 
    • Black beans 
    • Kidney beans 
    • Peas 
    • Split peas 
    • Baked beans 

9. Flaxseed 

Different studies have concluded that flaxseeds have a link to cholesterol levels. These seeds can maintain a healthy blood pressure that eventually keeps your heart healthy. According to a report, eating flaxseeds every day for three months can reduce 10% of LDL cholesterol. 

10. Peanut butter 

Butter is anything but not good for cholesterol levels. When it comes to peanut butter, the case is quite opposite. The researchers have found out that peanut butter can actually reduce the LDL level. 

Foods high in cholesterol

Most of us think that foods high in cholesterol are bad for our health. But according to several studies, this statement is not true for all high cholesterol foods. Scientists believe that some high-fat foods can help you maintain a healthy cholesterol level. 

Take a look at the list of high cholesterol foods that are beneficial to health: 

    • Eggs 
    • Shellfish 
    • Full fat yogurt 
    • Sardines 
    • Pasture-raised steak 
    • Kidney 
    • Cheese 
    • Liver 
    • Heart 

On the other hand, high cholesterol foods like cake, pastry, deep-fried foods, bakery goods can be harmful to your health. 

Low cholesterol recipes with chicken

Low Cholesterol Meals

Most people think low cholesterol meals taste bad. Well, if you know how to make the dish, you can turn anything into a delicious recipe. There is confusion about the relation between chicken and cholesterol. While some think chicken can raise cholesterol, others believe the chicken breast helps a lot in maintaining LDL and HDL ratio. 

Here is a list of low cholesterol chicken dishes: 

    • Orange tomato couscous and chicken 
    • Chicken sesame cucumber noodle salad 
    • Grilled chicken with sweet-sour vegetables 
    • Chicken tikka masala 
    • Chicken stew 
    • Mediterranean chicken wrap 
    • Balsamic chicken with tomato and asparagus 
    • Tangy skillet chicken 
    • Garlic herb chicken roast 
    • Lemon dill chicken 

High cholesterol conditions can be controlled with diet and small lifestyle changes. Quit smoking, cut off alcohol, and do regular workouts. Within a few weeks, you will start noticing the positive change in you.


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