Low Cholesterol Diet Tips: The Proper Way To Control Your Cholesterol

Low Cholesterol Diet

You must have heard a lot about cholesterol. For example, how dreadful it is to have a high or low cholesterol level. So, how can you balance this level? Or, what is the proper way to follow a low cholesterol diet

To be honest, your body needs cholesterol and can not function properly without this element. But yes, not all the cholesterols are good. There are 2 types of it, such as LDL or the bad ones, and HDL or the good one.  

Which type of cholesterol should you avoid and which one should you consume? If you have the same question, then this is the article you need right now. Here you will get the tips for following a low cholesterol diet, a list of foods, and meal recipes. So, read this article to the end.

Cholesterol And Our Body 

Low Cholesterol Diet

You can consider cholesterol as a waxy substance that is produced by our liver. Now you can ask how we get the cholesterol. The answer is by eating meat, eggs, or other dairy products. 

Though this is a must for our body to function properly, too much cholesterol in our blood can actually cause harm. When the LDL rises in our bloodstream, we call it high-level cholesterol. It can narrow the blood vessels, increases the risk of having heart diseases, and stroke. 

To stay healthy, our target should be raising the HDL cholesterol level. The high level of HDL carries all the bad cholesterol from all the parts of the body to the liver. And the liver then eliminates these bad elements from our body.  

Most people can not figure out how to control the cholesterol diet or which food will be beneficial to them. Believe me or not a proper low cholesterol diet can be the ultimate solution for them. 

Low Cholesterol Diet Plan Tips 

Low Cholesterol Diet

Before starting a low cholesterol meal, you must plan for it. To smoothen your planning experience, here are some tips for you: 

1. Limit the consumption of saturated fats

There are basically two main types of fats in food, such as, saturated and unsaturated. Between these two, the saturated one is harmful to health. On the other hand, the unsaturated one works in the favor of our body. 

According to scientists, unsaturated fats can reduce both the overall cholesterol level and LDL. This is why the experts suggest limiting the intake of saturated fats. Rather people should eat foods like avocado, nuts, and olives that are enriched in unsaturated fats. 

2. Add lots of fruits and vegetables to your meal 

No matter if you want to lose weight or lower cholesterol, add fruits and vegetables to your diet. Fruits and vegetables are enriched with antioxidants and compounds called plant sterols. These are soluble fibers and can lower the LDL level. 

Experts suggest that people of all ages should eat at least four types of fruits and vegetables each day. This will lower the chance of having heart diseases and stroke. 

3. Sugar is not recommended 

Sugar is a curse to your body. It not only ages your cells but also raises your cholesterol level. Eating processed sugar, added sugar or canned sugar can be really harmful. 

Scientists suggest that even the smallest consumption of sugar can raise your LDL level to a higher level. Moreover, this increases the chance of having heart diseases. However, if you are looking forward to reducing your body weight, then cutting down sugar is a must. 

So what can you do if you have a sweet tooth? Well, consuming 100 to 150 calories of sugar is okay. If you want more, then go for the sugarless sugars. 

4. Remove artificial fats from the menu 

If you want to follow a low cholesterol diet, then you have to avoid artificial trans fats. What is this? Usually, this type of fat is present in red meat items. But the main sources of artificial trans fats are processed and restaurant foods. 

According to experts, artificial trans fats increase the LDL level and the risk of having a stroke. That is why you should limit eating at restaurants and taking junk foods too often. 

5. Green tea for the best 

If you want to stay healthy, start drinking green tea from today. This tea is enriched with anti-oxidants. It will reduce both the cholesterol level and lower the production level of LDL in the liver. 

Most nutritionists suggest drinking at least 4 cups of green is every day. Facts suggest that drinking at least one cup of green tea every day can reduce the chance of having a heart attack and heart block. 

Low cholesterol foods

Low Cholesterol Diet

Now you know what to add and what to remove from your diet list. While going shopping you need to choose those items that can reduce LDL cholesterol. Here are some of the most effective food items you can add to your low cholesterol diet: 

Beans  There is no better way than adding beans to your diet chart. This item is rich in soluble fiber. So, you will feel full for a long time. Again, there is a variety of beans available. So, you will not get bored with the one recipe. 

Avocados  This fruit has unsaturated fats in it. This special fat helps our body to reduce the LDL and lowers the overall cholesterol level. 

Vegetable oil Oil plays an important role in our health. Using vegetable oil in cooking will really help you with your cholesterol. 

Dark chocolate Many of you may get a little surprised but dark chocolate can help you lower the cholesterol level. On the other hand, the usual chocolate and dairy items will raise your LDL level. 

Fatty fish Scientists suggest that eating healthy fats can lower the LDL level. You will find healthy fats in Merkel, salmon, and other fatty fishes. 

Some other low cholesterol items are,

  • Nuts
  • Fruits 
  • Berries
  • Soy 
  • Whole grains 
  • Garlic 

You can easily lower your LDL level with a low cholesterol diet. I suggest you follow the tips given above. If you still see no progress, consult with an expert.


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