How To Reduce Cholesterol Naturally With 7 Easy Steps

How To Reduce Cholesterol

Though our body needs cholesterol for proper functioning, a little imbalance can make us physically ill. High cholesterol level means high risks of having heart diseases and nobody wants that, right? So, what can you do?

Medication is surely a way to lower your cholesterol level. But do you know you can improve your cholesterol level by bringing small changes in your lifestyle? Scientists claim that controlling diet along with simple exercises can really help you with LDL level. 

If you are wondering how to reduce cholesterol naturally, then give this article a read. Here you will get all the tips and tricks to lower your LDL level. 

How to Reduce Cholesterol 7 Easy Steps 

How To Reduce Cholesterol

Reducing cholesterol is easy when you know what to do. In this section, I will share the natural tips that will definitely make your life more healthy. No matter if you have just found out about high cholesterol conditions or simply want to maintain a healthy LDL, HLD ratio, these tips will help you. So, let’s start. 

1. Add monosaturated fats to your meals 

You may know that monosaturated fats are beneficial for health. Some low fat items reduce both the LDL and healthy HDL levels. But the monosaturated fats only decrease the LDL level without dropping the good cholesterol level. According to a study, eating monounsaturated fats every day for 6 weeks can increase HDL by 12%. 

The high cholesterol condition highers the risk of having clogged arteries and stroke. The monosaturated fats can reduce the harmful oxidation that caused these conditions. Some experts claim that monosaturated fats are even better than polyunsaturated fats. Olives, avocados, tree nuts, and canola oils are great sources of monosaturated fats. 

2. Eliminate harmful fats 

Do you know what raises your cholesterol level? It is trans and saturated fats. Trans fat is one kind of unsaturated hydrogenated fat. 

The hydrogenated fats including the trans fat mess with your cholesterol level. They increase the LDL or bad cholesterol level by a considerable amount. Not only that, according to a study, the trans or hydrogenated fat items can reduce your HDL level. 

You can not imagine the adverse effect of trans fats on your cholesterol level. Statistics show that around 8% of deaths due to heart diseases occur because of consuming trans fats. You can lower the chance of getting a stroke or heart attack by restricting trans fat consumption. 

Like trans fats, saturated fats also do harm to our body. These fats also increase the production of low density lipoprotein or LDL. Cakes, bakery goods, and red meats contain trans or artificial fats. 

If you are looking for how to reduce cholesterol fast, just ban any harmful fats from your diet. You will notice the change in a few weeks. 

3. Focus on healthy fats 

It is not necessary that fats will always be harmful to your cholesterol. Unsaturated or monosaturated fatty items actually do the opposite. According to scientists, polyunsaturated fats can destroy bad cholesterols. 

A study proves that consuming unsaturated fats daily for 8 weeks can lower the cholesterol level by 10%. Not only that, your risk of having artery issues or heart diseases will be reduced by almost 20%. 

The omega-3 fatty acid is a kind of polyunsaturated fat. The sea fishes like salmon, sardines, Merkel contain an abundant amount of omega-3 fatty acids. According to the experts, this fatty acid can raise your HDL level, and keep you healthy. 

4. Go for soluble fibers 

How to reduce cholesterol with a veg diet? Or is it possible to lower LDL by following a vegetarian diet? I have faced these questions a lot. The answer is yes. 

Most of the plants or green vegetables contain a considerable amount of soluble fibers. This element can reduce not only LDL but also another harmful lipoprotein called VDL. According to a study, eating soluble fibers every day can lower your LDL level by 18%. 

You can add more fruits and vegetables to your breakfasts or main courses. Also, going full vegetarian is another option. This will help you in both weight loss and lowering LDL levels. 

5. Go cold turkey 

Who hasn’t heard the phrase, “Smoking kills”? Well, smoking not only increases your chance of getting cancer or heart disease but also raises your cholesterol level. How? 

The nicotine can kill the good vessels from your body that return or eliminate the LDL. When you kill the immune cells by smoking, the bad cholesterol level increases. 

6. Consider losing some pounds 

No, I am not talking about the money. I am referring to your body weight. If you have high cholesterol and obesity, then this can be a problem. Losing a few pounds can reduce your LDL level. 

You do not need to shape a slim figure. But when you are overweight, the production of HDL gets lowered, which is obviously not good. That is why try to lose a few pounds and your overall cholesterol level will be reduced. 

7. Move your body 

Besides eating healthy, you have to do a few exercises every day. Do not bring up any excuse to avoid physical workouts. A 20 minutes run or stair climbing will be perfect for you. 

Foods to Lower Cholesterol

How To Reduce Cholesterol

Now you know you have to eat healthy to reduce the cholesterol level. Here are the items that you can add to your meals: 

    • Apples 
    • Berries 
    • Beans 
    • Legumes 
    • Lentils 
    • Bananas
    • Kale
    • Spinach 
    • Avocados 
    • Soy 
    • Oats 
    • Burglar 
    • Fatty fishes 
    • Tree nuts 
    • Lean meats
    • Dark chocolates 

What are the worst foods for high cholesterol? 

You know the probable items that can lower your cholesterol level. But what actually raises your LDL level? Here are the items you must avoid at any cost: 

    • Butter 
    • Red meats 
    • Coconut oils 
    • Restaurant foods 
    • Junk items 
    • Deep-fried items 
    • Dairy goods 
    • Added sugar 
    • Extra salt 

I have discussed 7 tips on how to reduce cholesterol naturally. Besides these, avoid drinking alcohol as much as possible. Also, add more greens to your meal and reduce harmful fats. 


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