8 Golden Rules of How To Treat Your Dry Skin on Face

How to treat your dry skin on face

Our skin is made of various layers. The most top layer is dead cells. Then some cells have oils and fats in them. There is also hard protein, known as keratin, which gives the skin its framework. If the keratin becomes dehydrated, then the skin is dry. This thing is also known as a skin barrier. Cause it is protecting our skin from all the environmental hazards that could possibly happen to skin. If you happen to have those issues, then we are here to tell you how to treat your dry skin on the face

There are so many reasons for having dry skin. You may also have dry skin genetically because you have fewer oil glands or are dealing with hormonal issues. You may also have hypothyroid, diabetes, or a skin condition known as atopic dermatitis. Atopic dermatitis happens when there is a family history of asthma, hay fever, skin allergies, etc. Some more reasons as living in a cold environment, using harsh soaps, wearing heavy fabrics, and so more.

How To Know That You Have dry Skin

How to treat your dry skin on face

Many of us don’t even know that we have dry skin. Here I will write about a procedure that will help you know that you have dry skin. This one is the best procedure among all of them.

In the morning, the first thing you need to do is wash your face. And wait for one hour, then take a tissue paper and dab your skin with the tissue paper. When you look at the tissue, you will see that it is scorched and transparent. You may even find little flakes of skin on that tissue paper. And that is how you will get to know that you have dry skin on your face.

How to get rid of dry skin on the face

The face mask is known as the foundation for all skin, especially if you have dry skin. So, I am writing about four DIY homemade masks (made with natural) that will help you to treat your dry skin on your face. 

1. The glowing booster mask

Vitamin C is one such power-packed nutrient that our skin needs. As you know, oranges contain vitamin C, and it acts as an antioxidant for skin that delays signs of aging and reduces hyperpigmentation. So, take three tablespoons of orange juice. You will also need aloe Vera gel because it soothes sunburn and moisture our skin Mix it well and apply it on your face. Let this mask soak in your face for about fifteen minutes and then wash it off. 

2. The weekly hydrating mask

For this mask, you need kaolin powder. Kaolin powder works as a gentle exfoliating ingredient and removes all the dirt from your skin. So, take half of a teaspoon of kaolin powder, four teaspoons of a face cream of your choice, and add a little bit of water to it. Mix it well until you get the paste of consistency and apply it. Then wash it off after fifteen minutes. This face mask will help your skin to hydrate and boost back moisture in your skin.

3. The skin detoxifying mask

If your skin becomes itchy or dry and you notice some pigmentation on your face, so there is an oatmeal mask for your face that you must try out. For this, all you need is 2 spoons of oats, 1 spoon of honey, and 1/4 cup of milk. Now mix it well then press out all the excess liquid from this paste. Now take this paste and scrub it on your face in a circular motion. Rinse it well with light warm water.

4. The wrinkle banishing mask

Sometimes, dry skin makes your skin wrinkle fast. You need carrot juice in the ratio ¼ of a cup, 2 spoons of sour cream, and one-fourth cup of corn starch. Carrot juice has vitamin A, which will enhance your skin tone and also reduce your wrinkles and pigmentation. Sour cream enriched with lactic acid will help you reduce dead cells on your skin naturally. Corn starch can help to soothe irritated skin. Mix it and apply a thin layer on your face. Leave it for 10 minutes. This face mask will help you to keep your skin firm, tight and soft.

Habits to follow 

Apart from using masks, there are still somethings you need to be careful of. You will need to make sure you don’t wash your face every now and then. Washing your face too much will just take away all the essential oils from your face. You will need to keep your face moisturized as much as possible to avoid having dry skin on the face

5. You can also try exfoliating your skin once or twice a week to eliminate all the dead cells from your face. Try using a gentle cleanse for your face because it has the most sensitive skin in your whole body. 

6. Don’t shower for long hours in the bathroom. Also, avoid using too much hot water for bathing or washing your skin. These bad habits can really harm your skin layers and break the oil barriers of the skin. This eventually leads to having dry skin. 

7. Always try to use moisturizer right after you have taken a bath or washed your face. Because that is the moment when your skin pores are entirely open to soak all the nutrients of moisturizer. Because there is nothing better than moisturizer for dry skin

8. Avoid bad habits, such as smoking, drinking, and caffeine addiction. Also, drink as much water as possible because drinking more water can make your skin relive. It’s like watering a plant. 


So, these were some of the remedies and tips on how to treat dry skin on the face. If you happen to have dry skin issues even after all these things, then we suggest going for a dermatologist. Because that might imply you have a skin condition that requires medication rather than care. Although taking care of your face will surely help you get rid of such conditions. Hopefully, these remedies work for you, and you enjoy your beautiful skin.


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