Full Face Makeup Tutorials For Beginners In 11 Steps

Makeup Tutorials For Beginners

When it is about makeup, many people don’t know much about it. Well, that is kind of embarrassing nowadays, considering makeup is a necessity. It has become so vital that you know how to make yourself look better with just some makeup.  

That’s why I have this makeup tutorial for beginners who don’t know where to start at all. This ensures you get the very basics of makeup to try out different looks on yourself. 

In the beginning, you might find doing makeup a bit difficult, but when you start doing it regularly, it will become a very easy thing for you.

Natural Makeup Tutorial For Beginners

Makeup Tutorials For Beginners

Below are some basic makeup steps you can follow along to create a simple makeup look. These are beginner-level stuff and some things you must know about makeup.

1. You have to start up your makeup looks with a clean face. So, the first thing to do is wash your face with a gentle cleanser. Then you will need to soak off the water with a towel.  

2. Then, you need to moisturize your skin. For that, use a very light layer of moisturizer. If you have oily skin, try using a gel-based moisturizer rather than the regular ones. Keep that moisturizer for five minutes before going to the next step. 

3. Now, take a foundation from your makeup kit. Apply some foundation on your forehead, nose, cheeks, and chin. After applying the foundation, you will need to blend it properly, so it gets mixed with your skin. To get more of a natural look, take a lighter shade or a shade that matches your skin tone. Otherwise, your skin will look a little weird.

4. After setting up a foundation on your face, you will need to go for the concealer. This helps you to get rid of those dark patches and circles under your eyes. Also, here you will need to go for a lighter shade of concealer. It’s better to go for a shade that is lighter than your skin tone as well. 

5. Just putting concealer and moisturizer won’t be enough to get them settled. This is a pretty basic mistake many beginners make. You will need to apply some translucent powder to set them. Use a powder puff to apply some translucent powder on your face. It is better to use a puff rather than a brush because brushes tend to have excessive loose powder. But if you have no puff option, you can tap the additional powder and then use the brush.

6. With the translucent powder, you will be done with your face base. Now move on to the crucial parts, which are the eyes. Choose an eyeshadow that you like and apply it to your eyelid. This needs a bit of precision to look perfect. You can use a rounded brush and make quick swipes across your eyelid. 

You need precision in keeping the shadow from the lash line towards the inner crease. Then as it goes upwards, it should have a bit of fade there. Then again, use some translucent powder to set the eye shadows.

Once you are done applying the eyeshadow, you can go for the eyeliner to outline your eyes. It’s better to go for a darker color such as black or brown. You can also go for other colors if you are looking for a certain kind of look. Use the pencil and apply it to the rim of your upper lash line. 

7. After lining up those eyes, you can work on your lashes. Lashes are usually flat and dull. To make them look livelier, you have to curl them up. For that, you can use an eyelash curler and make them look a bit fluffed up. 

8. Then comes the real deal for eye makeup, which is mascara. Just getting your lashes curled up might not be enough to make them visible. So, for that, you need to make them look darker and bolder. You can use the specific mascara wand to get that kind of look. With this, you will be done with the eye makeup.  

9. To bring some details and character into your face makeup, you will need to add some blushes. So, take on your blusher and apply a little amount of it on your cheeks. But make sure not to overdo it because then it will look really weird. To make it look natural, you will need to blend the blush properly. You can try cream blushes for easy blending as well. 

10. You can’t have a complete makeup look without using lipstick. It’s the fundamental part of makeup. You can actually look good by just using lipstick at times. You can either go for a lipstick or a lip gloss that’s completely your personal preference. Take the lipstick and put some of it on your lips using the tube. Then you can try to use your fingers to blend the whole thing on your lips properly.

11. With that, you are done doing makeup. Now, you have to check yourself under a bright light in front of a mirror. Then fix any kind of issues you have in your makeup looks. This is the final touch up of your makeup. 

As you get more experienced, you will figure out what works best for you. Obviously, it will take some time and trials to know your taste and preference.


There you go, a complete guide to get a simple makeup look. With this makeup tutorial for beginners, almost anyone can get started with makeup. And after that, it’s all up to you how you carry the skill forward. There is so much you can do with makeup that you might be shocked after realizing it.


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