How Can I Lose Weight While Pregnant: 8 Safe Tips

How Can I Lose Weight While Pregnant

The natural part of pregnancy is weight gain. One overweight woman always may worry about how it could affect their pregnancy. She still thinks about can I lose weight while pregnant. Whether then pregnant women want to know is it safe or not.

However, day by day, with women’s body changes, babygrows will naturally increase weight. Increases in amniotic food, blood volume, growing baby lead to weight gain.

An overweight woman can lose weight while pregnant in many ways. Using some safe methods can reduce weight-related difficulties.

Want To Lose Weight During Pregnant:

Usually, how can I lose weight while pregnant is the common question, the doctor says.

Instead, doctors suggest pregnant people eat enough nutritious food every time.

Some experts advise avoiding weight loss when you are pregnant. At this time, losing weight can increase your baby’s problem.

Dr. Jones advises, a 60 pounds woman does not need to increase weight for a healthy pregnancy. The fetus uses this body fat for energy.

Don’t gain weight while you are pregnant because usually the fat is lost from stores. You can naturally get a lower body weight after pregnancy like before.

Avoid weight issues while pregnant is to decrease overweight before conceiving. But if you want to lose weight, make sure you can control it.

Safe Ways To Manage Weight When Pregnant:

How Can I Lose Weight While Pregnant

Here we provide some safe methods to lose problematic body fat. Follow the below tips to decrease the potential completion risk.

1. Know Your Weight:

Before deciding to lose weight, know how much your weight gains.

Here is the chart below that helps to know how much weight you want to gain.

If you want to lose 60 pounds during pregnancy, maintain your pregnancy diet.

Pregnancy Weight Category Body Mass Index
Underweight Less than 18.5
28-40lb (13-18kg)
Normal 18.5 to 24.9
25-35lb (11-15kg)
Overweight 25 to 29.9
15-25lb (6.8-11kg)
Obese 30 and above
11-20lb (5-9kg)

2. Eat Frequently But Small.

This way could help to manage your weight, whether you are pregnant. Consuming frequent but slight allows you to control the protein.

Every day if you eat a full meal, you will get sick. Experts say eating three times not so big meals is just smaller meals per day.

3. Understand Your Necessity Of Calorie:

You can see in the above table; different women need to gain an additional amount of weight. That’s why knowing the calorie requirement is essential.

You can increase your necessary calorie intake in your second and third trimesters. For the normal-weight woman, the calorie average is around 300 calories a day.

Therefore, to know your specific needs talk with your doctor. For that reason, you can safely lose fat while pregnant.

Never follow the low-calorie weight like intermittent fasting.

4. All-time Eat Healthy Food:

Losing weight does not mean it is starving. It means eating healthy during pregnancy.

For unexplained weight loss in pregnancy, you need to maintain some rules. If you retain all directions, then it’s easy to lose weight while pregnant.

Here below some healthy foods, you need to eat :

    • Keep eating fresh fruits and vegetables.
    • Also, you can eat bread and cereals with grains.
    • Just eat dairy products and low-fat milk.
    • Foods that are rich in folate, like strawberries, beans, and spinach.

Avoid some food that contains fat:

    1. Some foods and drinks contain sugar.
    2. Also junk food such as candy, child, cake, ice-cream, and cookies.
    3. Avoid heavy salt for water retention.
    4. Some unhealthy foods like butter, margarine, gravy, mayonnaise, salad.

5. Never Eat For Two:

While you are pregnant, it does not mean you need to eat for two. So, you do not need to eat just for two, but you can eat healthy food.

Calories and protein can fill your body’s required amount. Besides, A pregnant woman’s body also needs enough nutrients.

So, the nutrients are vitamin B12, folic acid, and calcium.

From the nuts, you can get protein, and cereals and milk provide extra calories. On the other side, a great source of calcium, protein, and vitamin D is yogurt.

Include spinach in your diet chart that has high folic acid. Also, red meat has iron. Eat healthily, lose weight while pregnant.

6. Exercise

During your pregnancy exercise is essential. So, if you want to lose weight, working out can help you. Also, exercise can help to prepare your body for delivery.

Before doing a workout, talk to your doctor. You can four or five times exercise for 30 minutes a day. Therefore, if you do this exercise regularly, you can lose belly fat while pregnant. Try the following exercise:

    • Walking
    • Dancing
    • Cycling
    • Yoga
    • Swimming

But if you have any problem with your body, then you don’t need any exercise. Moreover, have any medical condition like high blood pressure, incompetent os, threatened miscarriage, then avoid exercise.

How Can I Lose Weight While Pregnant

7. Take Lunch To Work.

When you are going to work, carry your lunch. If you do it, you can avoid junk food. You can prepare your lunch that you want. But, you can add fruits and vegetables to your lunch. Just avoid outside food that can increase your unnecessary weight.

8. Accept The Changes

During pregnancy, you may feel many changes in your body. So, it would help if you respect your differences while you are pregnant. Increasing weight is essential for your baby, and also, it’s normal.

Make sure your gaining weight is suitable for your baby’s health. Don’t take any unhealthy way to lose weight because it’s terrible for your baby.

This crash diet can be the effect of losing weight during pregnancy.

Final Word:

Every overweight woman thought that how can I lose weight while pregnant. But usually, doctors advise that you don’t lose weight during pregnancy.

However, many women are concerned about how to lose weight while pregnant fast. And, sometimes a pregnant woman thought how this weight could affect pregnancy.

However, you can decrease the obstacle of weight-related difficulties with diet.

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