The Top AB Exercises For Beginners

AB Exercises For Beginners

A few days back, I was determined to work on my abs. But when I started looking for workouts, everything circled me back to those basic situps and crunches. Let’s face the truth. Most people think if you are a beginner in ab workouts, you need to start with pushups and so. Is that true? 

Absolutely not. Many experts think dead bug, high plank, seated leg raise or the combined ones can be better ab exercises for beginners. I decided to follow that advice and got a great result. 

This little thing drove me to write this article. I am going to write which workouts benefitted me and which one you can add to your fitness plan. Let’s jump to the main point.

Why are ab workouts so important? 

A strong midsection is something you can not ignore. Want to be better in athletics? Try ab workouts. Want a better body posture? Ab workouts are a better option. 

So, no matter if you want a visible six pack or just a strong, stable body, you need to practice ab workouts. It will reduce the back pain and the risk of getting injured while performing any physical task.

How often should you practice ab workouts as a beginner? 

In the beginner stage, professionals generally suggest starting with less intense workouts. In that case, a 3 to 5 days a week schedule is perfect. You can ask for your gym instructor for a more arranged routine. 

You need to spend at least 20 minutes a day and 2 to 3 hours a week on your exercise. Generally, it takes a minimum of 4 to 8 weeks to build a strong core. 

Top AB Exercises for Beginners: 

AB Exercises For Beginners

The ab workouts for beginners are slightly different from the higher level ones. These are less intense and challenging. 

1. Glute Bridge 

The core and glute have a hand in hand relation when it comes to ab workout. It means there must be a balance in strength during the training. The classic glute bridge focuses on your glute, lower back and supports your whole posture and body weight. To develop your total core muscles, glute bridges are important. 

Start this exercise with lying on your back and bending your knees. Now push your knees in the forward direction and push your hips up at the same time. Wait for 1 to 2 seconds in the top position and then relax. Make sure your abs and glutes are tight during the exercise. 

Add this workout in your warm up or lower body training. 15 to 20 reps of glute bridges will be perfect for a beginner. You can also add a little weight to make the workout challenging. 

2. Mountain Climber 

Mountain climber workout is great for the deep core muscles. It also speeds up your jumps, lifts and runs. If you want a challenging ab workout, try the slow motion mountain climber. 

Place your body in the high pushup position, and your feet should be in a sliding disk position. Lock your glutes in your hips and lower back by squeezing. Pull up your belly button towards the chin and knees closer to the chest to create tension. 

Always pull one knee at a time, hold the position for a few seconds, and get back to the starting position. Then repeat with another knee. You can add this one to your core circuit exercise. 

3. High Tension Plank 

Plank is one of the easiest exercises you may ever know. But most people do it wrong. The main purpose of planks is to create tension in your muscles. 

By the high tension planks, I am indicating to the forearm plank. There are many more types of planks that you can practice. For example, 

  • Side plank 
  • Reach plank 
  • Plank jacks
  • Plank wipers
  • Plank push ups 
  • Sliding plank crunches 
  • Side plank leg raise 
  • Plank crunch 
  • Plank piston 
  • Plank switch 

Hold the plank position for a minimum of 10 seconds. 3 sets of planks each day will exhibit amazing results.

Easy ab workouts for beginners 

AB Exercises For Beginners

Crunches, situps or leg raises are considered as simple abdominal workouts. Let’s see the varieties and benefits these workouts can offer. 

1. Crunches 

Crunches are very popular among the gym experts, trainees and beginners. This single exercise involves your abdominal muscles and develops a strong core. No matter if you want to build a six pack ab or tighten your belly, crunches are a must. 

The basic crunches can seem boring to many beginners. For them, here is a list of combined crunch workouts: 

  • Bird dog crunch 
  • Reverse crunch 
  • Standing bicycle crunch 
  • Spider plank crunch 
  • Crunch twist 
  • Longarm crunch 
  • Vertical crunch 
  • Sit up crunch 
  • Oblique leg crunch 

The crunches can make your poor posture right. As a beginner, perform 10 to 15 crunches every day. 

2. Sit-ups 

Many beginners choose sit-ups to perform as their ab workout. But there is a debate on the effectiveness of the sit-ups. According to most gym professionals, this is the least effective ab workout. 

So, do not depend on the sit-ups alone to build your abs. Rather perform it for warming up. 

3. Leg raises 

There are many types of leg raises, and these are considered as great ab exercises for beginners. This workout stabilizes your body and strengthens your rectus abdominal muscles. 

You can perform leg raises in different positions. For example,

  • Lying leg raises 
  • Seated leg raises 
  • Side-lying leg raises

Beginner ab workout for female:

  1. Weather vane 
  2. Inch warm 
  3. Tabletop knee taps
  4. Bird dog 
  5. Single leg stretch 
  6. Toe taps 
  7. Abdominal hold
  8. Squat thrust with a twist 
  9. The climb 
  10. The cobra 

Beginner ab workout for male:

  1. Lying leg drop 
  2. Hands through knee crunch 
  3. Hollow body holds 
  4. Floor wipers 
  5. Flutter kicks 
  6. V sit-ups 
  7. Jackknife 
  8. Russian twist 
  9. Diagonal chop
  10. Side cable pull

If you are a beginner and want to start an ab workout, do not wait anymore. In this article, I have discussed the top ab exercises for beginners. Choose the ones that suit you and start practising today.


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