What Are The Best AB Workouts At The Gym?

ab workouts at the gym

If you want a solid six pack, joining a gym can be the better option for you. The gyms give you some extra facilities that are unavailable at home.

Generally, when we think about joining the gym, some random questions come to our mind. For example, what are the best ab workouts at the gym? How do you select the exercises? How much time should you invest in the gym? What are the extra benefits you will get? 

If you are new to the gym workouts and thinking about these questions, give this article a read. Here, I will discuss all the questions I have just mentioned.

Benefits of doing ab workouts at a gym

Many people are not convinced to join a gym for building a solid core. Why spend money on gym subscriptions when you can practice at home? This is the statement of most of the people. 

I agree you can practice many effective ab workouts at home. But can you build a six-pack with those exercises in a short time? In most cases, you can not. You need access to heavy machinery, and you must undergo intense training. The gym offers you both. 

On another note, you can join the gym under a trainer who will take full responsibility. When you are practicing at home, you need to routine everything on your own. Again, you can get confused about which exercises to choose and which one to avoid. But joining a gym will lessen your stress. The professionals are always there to fix everything for you. 

However, no matter if you are practicing ab workouts at home or a gym, you need the motivation to continue. At home, you can easily skip a day and move to the next one. But at the gym, you can not cheat any day. So, if you want a six-pack ab or solid core in a short time, join a gym. 

Top AB Workouts At The Gym:

ab workouts at the gym

Your trainer will select the workouts for you in the gym, depending on your physique and goal. But if you are practicing on your own, here are some exercises that you can consider. 

1. Side to side plank with cable hold 

This is not an exercise for beginners. You can try this only if you have mastered the basic side plank and can keep your body stable. The side to side plank with cable hold works on your back and oblique muscles. 


  • Get in the side plank position. Place your shoulders over top of your elbow, and feet must be stacked together on each other’s top. 
  • Take the handle of the cable and pull it towards you. Keep your shoulders retracted, and chest pumped up while pulling it. Hold the position for a minimum of 30 seconds.
  • Return the cable to the previous position. Repeat the moves on the other side. 

This is a cable exercise, and there are many more available for ab workouts. For example, 

  • Isometric cable pull
  • Kneeling pall of press
  • Cable pall of with overhead reach 
  • Cable oblique crunch 
  • Plank with cable row
  • Stiff arm pulldown 
  • Kneeling anti-rotational chop with rope
  • Anti-rotational lift
  • Low to high cable woodchop

2. Hanging leg circles 

The hanging leg circles target your lower ab, upper ab, right and left oblique muscles, and abdominal transverse. If you feel much pressure on your spine or hip, and feel uncomfortable, avoid this exercise. 


  • Hand with a pull-up bar by keeping your shoulders wider. The height of the pull up bar should be enough to hand with your legs extended. 
  • In the hanging position, draw a big circle in the air with your feet keeping together. While doing that, you must engage your core so that your body does not swing. 
  • Practice 8 to 10 reps of the hanging leg circles. 

Exercises with the pull-up bars are considered as one of the best ab workouts at the gym.

Here are some other workouts you can follow:

  • Hanging knee to tuck kick out 
  • Hanging side to side knees
  • Hanging toes to bear
  • Hanging pelvic tilt
  • Hanging bicycles
  • Hanging knee to elbows
  • Hanging wipers
  • Hanging double straight leg lift 

3. Barbell overhead sit-ups

This exercise targets your abs, glutes, and shoulders. Start with the low weight barbell and then switch to the heavy ones. 


  • Lie on the incline bench facing up and hook your feet under the foothold. 
  • Hold the barbell with a pronated grip. Raise the weighted barbell over your head. Bring the weight almost above your chest with your arms fully extended. 
  • Perform a sit-up, tightening your abdominal muscles and glutes. Hold the position for 5 to 10 seconds. 
  • Lower your upper body and get back to the starting position. Repeat the moves. 

Some more barbell workouts for abs are:

  • Landmine rainbow
  • Barbell side bend
  • Barbell sit up with a chest press
  • Barbell rollout
  • Lying side raise
  • Zercher squat
  • Single-arm landmine press
  • Barbell overhead carry

What are the best ab workouts at the gym for beginners? 

ab workouts at the gym

As a beginner, you should start with the low-intensity workouts. Then you can increase the number of sets, reps, and make the workout more challenging. Here is a list of ab workouts for the beginners: 

  1. Dumbbell crunch 
  2. Dead bug
  3. Tuck and crunch 
  4. High tension plank 
  5. Modified V sit-ups 
  6. Bear crawl
  7. Hanging leg raise 
  8. Loaded carries
  9. Hollow body
  10. Russian twist 

How often should you practice ab workouts at the gym?

If you have a trainer, he will suggest the schedule, depending on your capabilities. But generally, experts suggest hitting the gym 2 or 3 times a week. It is because your muscles can get sore from the overtraining. 

You need to give them enough time to recover. But if you insist, you can carry on practicing the simple ab workouts daily. 

Doing ab workouts at the gym can help you gain your desired body within 4 to 8 weeks. While selecting the workouts for your fitness routine, take help from any professional. You can also design on your own by considering your goal and physical compatibility.


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