Most Useful Tips For How To Strengthen Nails

How To Strengthen Nails

Nails aren’t considered to be an essential part of your body. Even though they should be because they are the parts that protect the sensitive fleshy area of your skin, also, they make your hands and feet look good. Especially women can do so much with their nail paints.

But many people seem to have very weak nails. Their nails tend to break down every now and then. This article here will help you learn how to strengthen nails. After this, you won’t have to worry about breaking your nails anymore.  

Let’s get right down to it.

Nail Strengthening Method

How To Strengthen Nails

We tried to share some different ways you can keep your nails strong. Some of them are focused on how to strengthen nails at home. Let’s start with it. 

Following a proper nail routine

The more you care about something, the stronger it gets. When you follow a proper nail routine, your nails will stay stable for the longest time. The tendency of them to break will reduce a lot. To make sure that you are under a routine for your nails, you can do many things.

  • Trimming down nails: First of all, you can need to keep your nails trimmed down. Because the longer they get, the lighter they become. Also, long nails become jagged and rough. That’s why you will need to keep your nails short for the most part.
  • Filing your nails: Next up is filing your nails properly. The filing needs to be done in such a way that it doesn’t damage your nails. Usually, people file in sawing motion, which is wrong. Filing with that motion harms your nails beyond repair. This happens over time.

That’s why make sure to use a nail filer properly. Always run your fingers lightly in one direction to file your nails. That’s the best way you can file your nails. 

  • Taking care of cuticles: Another thing to follow is being careful with your cuticles. Don’t wholly trim them off. Otherwise, it can harm your nail beds with infection. What you can do is soak your cuticles for a while and then push them back. This works better than trimming, and your nails stay safe.
  • Hydrating nails: Not only your body but also your nails need moisture and hydration. If your fingers get too dry, they will be prone to breaking down more often. 

So, you can use some lotion or oil to keep them hydrated and moisturized. There are many products to strengthen nails. Aloe Vera has to be the most common and useful among them. 

  • Using nail strengthener: After doing all those necessary steps, you can actually try using nail strengtheners. The nail strengthener basically creates a hard layer on top of your nails. It provides protection from outside damages that might weaken your nails. 

But this isn’t something that ensures your nail protections. It just helps the process. You will still need to follow the basic maintenance of your nails. 

Proper eating for stronger nails 

You might be wondering what to eat to strengthen nails, and does it matter? Well, first of all, it does matter. Everything you eat has an effect on your body. Even your nails get affected by what you eat. So, you will have to look at what you eat when you feel like having weaker nails.

  • Protein is the best source of strength for your body. And it’s no different in the case of your nails. Proteins have a huge impact on strengthening your nails. Because nails are made of protein in the first place. So, the more you get protein inside you, the stronger your nails get. We don’t need to tell you which food contains protein; you can find that anywhere.
  • Aside from protein, vitamins are also important in strengthening your nails. For better nails, you will need to intake vitamin D, H, and A. These are the three types of vitamins that work on your nails’ betterment. If you look at your nails and find them being yellow, you should pay attention to getting those vitamins. 
  • Usually, dairy products have vitamin D in them. Beans and bananas can give you vitamin H. Also, you can get protein and vitamin H both from eggs. And for vitamin A you can go for sweet potatoes. 

Your body will naturally get weaker if you are not eating correctly. And that affects every part of your body. Even your nails. That’s why make sure to eat properly. Proper food intake will help you strengthen your nails. Food for nail growth is important but neglected. Because many people have no idea how much food affects their nails. 

So, if you have weaker nails, start following a proper diet. You will start seeing the changes yourself.

Things to avoid and be wary of

In order to maintain good nails, there are some things you need to avoid. And also, some things need to be wary of. Let’s get you through them. 

  • Avoid getting too many manicures. As there are many chemicals involved in the process, it is really harmful in the long term. So, too many manicures will never end well for your nails.
  • Keep your nails alone at times. This means don’t always keep them covered in nail polish. Let some air and light flow into them. Like we discussed earlier, hydration is important for your nails.
  • Stop biting your nails. If you have a terrible habit of doing this, then you are damaging your nails too much. So, make sure not to bite your nails. 
  • Stay away from too many products for nails. Also, make sure what you are using doesn’t cause harm to your nails. 
  • Always use cold or warm water on your nails. Too much hot water can damage your nails. 
  • Get treatment as soon as possible if you have any fungal infection. Otherwise, it spreads fast and harms your nails way too much.


Well, we didn’t suggest any product that you can try. We tried to teach you the basic ways on how to strengthen nails. These are some things you can follow along to see the results for yourself. Of course, you need to be patient here. Because these aren’t something to be done overnight. But they will surely help you get results.


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