How To Get Acrylic Nails Off? Easy 4 Best Methods

How To Get Acrylic Nails Off

In the beauty world, Acrylic nails are known as glamour. Acrylic nails have been the trendiest things these years. Basically, it is nail extensions. Nowadays, these are the most fashionable things among ladies. 

You can surely find various ways to get acrylic nails. But many people struggle with removing it from their hands. That’s why I am here to guide you on how to get acrylic nails off. Surely the process isn’t that easy because of the strong adhesive it has got. But with our various methods here, you can surely get them off easily.

Let’s get right into the methods. 

How to remove acrylics at home

Usually, acetone is a common item for removing acrylic nails. Many people use it to remove it. But there are downsides to using too much acetone in your skin.

That’s why I will be sharing some other ways too. Here, you will know how to take off acrylic nails with acetone and learn to remove acrylic nails without acetone.

Let’s get on with it.

Removing Acrylic Nails With Acetone 

How To Get Acrylic Nails Off

This is the most common way to remove acrylic nails using acetone. You can do this thing in two different ways. Don’t worry now; I will guide you through both of them. 

Method-1: Here, you will be using a combination of acetone and warm water. For that, you will need quite a lot of things. Obviously, you will need acetone and warm water. Along with that, you will need to have tweezers, bowls, nail clippers, petroleum jelly, and orange sticks.  

First of all, you will need to cut your nails short. Then you need to clear off those cuticles using the orange stick. Then put the acetone and warm water in two different bowls. After that, keep the acetone bowl on the warm water bowl, so it starts getting warmed up. Otherwise, it won’t work.  

Now around the cuticles put on some petroleum jelly. You need to do this to get extra protection from the harmful effects of acetone. Then put your nails inside the acetone bowl and keep them there for about half an hour. 

Sometime later, keep checking your nails if you can pull off the acrylic paints or not. Suppose you can then use the tweezers to pull off the paints slowly. But make sure not to force it. 

This is a pretty easy way to remove those hard-acrylic nails off. 

Method-2: You can also try out this method of removing acrylic nails using acetone. Here, you will need acetone, aluminum foils, cotton pads, nail clippers, filers, and petroleum jelly.

Just like the previous method, you will need to cut your nails to their shortest length. After doing that, use the filer to file the upper layer. This is necessary to avoid any kind of mess around your hand as the colors can spread all over.

Again, you have to put some petroleum jelly to protect your skin from the harmful effects of acetone. Once you have put on the jelly, get some cotton pads, and soak them with acetone. To keep the cotton pads, stick to your nails, use an aluminum foil to wrap your nails. It’s important to use aluminum foils; otherwise, there might be some side effects from the acetone.

Keep your nails wrapped up with aluminum foil this way for about 30 minutes. Then remove the foils slowly, and you will see the acrylic is also coming off along with it. 

You can go for this method instead of the first one if you don’t want to keep your nails soaked up into acetone for 30 minutes. Also, you can move around if you follow this method. But if you don’t have aluminum foil at home, then don’t do this one.

So, these were the two different ways you can remove acrylic nail paints using acetone. But if you don’t want to use harsh products on your skin, there are other ways.

Removing Acrylic Nails in Other Ways 

How To Get Acrylic Nails Off

There are many different ways you can remove acrylic nail paints without using acetone. Here, I will discuss the most common and simple ones. 

Method-1: In this method, you will simply need some hot water, and that’s it. You don’t need any other chemicals or products at all. This makes the process the safest way to remove acrylic nails off. Along with some hot water, you need a filer, some orange sticks, and nail clippers.

Firstly, cut off your nails as short as you can. Then use the orange sticks to pry the cuticles. Get some hot water in a bowl. Keep in mind that the water needs to be at a tolerable temperature. 

You will need to keep your hands soaked in that water for about 40 minutes straight. The hot water will help dissolve the glue in acrylic nails. Make sure your nails are kept at an angle so the water can get through to the inlets of your fingers. 

This is how to remove acrylic nails with hot water. If it doesn’t work this way, add some more water and soak your fingers a little bit longer.

Even though it might take some time to remove the paint, it is the safest way to do it. 

Method-2: This method uses just a nail filer. You have filed your way to remove the nails. The process is very simple to understand and execute. But a drawback here is that you will need to damage your nails a little bit. So, cover that up, you will need to have some cuticle oil.

Like always, get your nails shortened and remove any kind of color or designs on your nails. Then start filing until you reach the bed of your nails. You need to be careful not to damage your actual nail bed. That’s it this way; you can remove the acrylic nails from your hands.


There you go, I tried to guide you on how to get acrylic nails off. You can try out any method you like. Some prefer going for the acetone method because of its convenience. Some think of not damaging their skin. I tried to provide a solution for both kinds of people. Hopefully, this will help you get the solution to acrylic nails.


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