12 Reasons That Can Answer Your Question What Causes Dry Skin

What Causes Dry Skin

Dry skin is indeed a skin type. There are ways to get rid of all the sufferings people are going through because of having dry skin. Dry skin causes terrible irritation, and it becomes hard for people who possess dry skin to lead a healthy life. Dryness of skin is usually not a bad thing, and it’s harmless to our body. But it may irritate our body, which is kind of annoying, so we need to do our best practices to keep our skin as healthy as possible. Here we will talk about what causes dry skin in the first place.

What causes dry skin:

First of all, a question comes that is “What is dry skin?”. Well, dryness refers to the lack of moisture in our skin. Usually, people with dry skin need extra care and healthy choices.

causes of dry skin all over the body

Mostly it’s a skin type, and the audacity to have any kind of skin abnormality isn’t something to worry about; rather, we can get over it through acceptance and extra care.

Now let’s get to know the causes of dry skin all over the body.

1. Weather is one of the prime reasons why our skin dehydrates, and thus it becomes nearly impossible to keep up with the weather, but it’s a good thing to choose extra caring hydrating stuff. Also, different areas carry different levels of humidity. Seems, the less the weather carries humid, the more the skin gets dry. Coping up with the weather and area elements is a must thing for our body to do. The heated air seems to carry much water vapor, which helps create a layer over our skin to protect it from getting dry. For instance, winter is mostly the reason why our skin gets so dry. It wrinkles up usually when the air doesn’t seem to carry much humidity.

2. Excessive heat can dry up the skin. It absorbs the moisture from the skin. So what happens is the skin tends to Plummer; thus, it wrinkles up. Meanwhile, we can explain the dry skin to be pulling itself.

3. Dehydration is one of the main causes of drying up of skin. Less humidity in the air can cause the skin’s dryness. As the weather is a significant factor in this, we simply cannot help it, but we can use hydrating substances like moisturizers and other oil-based products which are advertised to dehydrate our skin will work just fine. The heated air contains a lot of water vapor or molecules that create a layer of moisture. So we will try and remain in a heated environment as much as we can during the winter season as temperature decreases causing the water molecules in the air to lessen, which mainly makes the skin feel dry. 

4. Heated places can be beneficial for our skin, but excess heat will slightly dry up our skin even more by making the moisture in our skin to evaporate away and hence making it dry. So we will try to be in a controlled environment where heat is present but not excessively high, which causes an inverse effect on our skin.

5. It is usually seen that people don’t seem to be kind to their skin. They go on with different harsh products to make the skin better. If the product isn’t mild to the skin, then it tends to be harmful more than it’s supposed to work for the skin. Also, the part of choosing clothes and fabrics that uphold the comfort of your skin is the main issue for some people. If the cloth or fabric turns out to be reheating the body or which does not act mildly to your skin, you better try to remove such cloth type from your wardrobe.

what is dry skin

6. Being mild to the skin by taking good care of it and healthy choices are the only option we can repair our skin or refrain ourselves from getting our skin dehydrated. Usually, having too much food nutrition causes the skin to outrun its natural instincts. We should drink a lot of water if we want to make sure that our body is hydrating and includes the organs and the skin.    

7. The extreme condition of dry skin is termed as Dermatitis. It basically causes the victim to get itched because the skin pulls itself. It causes the victim to suffer through skin reacts to something it touches, causing area wise inflammation.

8. Age is also an issue in order to cause dry skin because when the person starts aging, it makes the person’s skin lead to the production of less oil. Besides changing habits during showering definitely helps a lot. Taking too much time while showering also tends the skin to turn out dry

9. If someone has too much dry skin, then the person should try taking a gap of one day because, as previously said, taking too much time to shower or bathing for too long tends the skin to get dry because the body’s natural oil gets removed.

10. It’s usually assumed that dry skin causes a lack of enough water, but it’s not really the reason. Dry skin takes place because of less production of skin oils.  

11. The consistency of washing can be the reason for having drier skin because soaps or any other product which tends to cut out oil or micro-organisms living in the area. So when oils that the skin tends to keep on the surface are cut down, dry skin occurs. So, using soap that is beneficial to people should be tried out by people who suffer from dry skin. 

12. An unbalanced diet also triggers dry skin because protein elements and other food products carry components that help the skin produce oil for itself. Skin is living, and it can replace the oil by itself if it is not washed continuously with soap and other chemical substances. So if we let itself out, it can recover its oil and can bring back the moisture it has.


So, these are the things that cause dry skin. There might be other reasons too. But if you are suffering from dryness in your skin, you probably have faced any of the issues mentioned above. The nice thing is you can get rid of dry skin quite easily without much trouble at all.


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