A Complete Guide On AB Exercises For Men

ab exercises for men

Let’s be honest. Ab workouts are must no matter if you want to excel in athletes or just want ripped abs. We all can agree on this. But the main problems arise while choosing the right ab workout. 

I know there are thousands of different ab exercises for men. Each promises to give you the secret of gaining the six-pack ab. But do all of these workouts effective in your training? 

When it comes to selecting the best ab workouts, most people get confused. Well, just to make your workout journey easier, I will suggest the top effective abdominal workouts. I am quite positive that this guide will help you build the perfect fitness plan for yourself.

ABs workouts and its benefits

Abs are the group of muscle that is located in your midsection and supports the trunk. This is the most important muscle in your entire body. Why? It is because the abdominal muscles hold the organs in place and ensure your body stability. 

Benefits of abs workouts:

  • Improves athletic performance
  • Reduces the risk of back pain
  • Stabilizes the body posture
  • Develop a slimmer waistline
  • Burns down fat from the midsection

Top AB Exercises For Men 

ab exercises for men

There are different types of ab workouts available. Which one you need to follow totally depends on your preferences. For example, where you want to practice or timeframe to achieve your goal.

The best ab workouts at the gym for men

You can practice almost every ab workout at the gym. But you are paying for the gym, try to practice the workouts that involve the machines.

1. Barbell rollout 

The barbell ab rollouts engage all the core muscles and improve body stability. The workout mainly focuses on the rectus abdominis, lower back, and oblique muscles. 

If you want to practice the barbell rollouts, make sure there is enough space on the floor. Place a barbell of about 10 pounds on the ground and keen behind it. Grab the handle with an overhand grip. 

Position your shoulders directly over the barbell and keep them at a shoulder-width apart. Consider this as your starting position. Start rolling the bar forward until your arms are fully extended. 

Your knees should be fixed in one position throughout the rolling. Roll your self back and repeat the movements. 

2. AB wheel rollout 

This workout is similar to the barbell rollout. It is a great full-body exercise. In the first half, the moves focus on deltoids and lats. In the second half, the workout focuses on the abdominal muscles. 

Grip the handle of the ab wheel and kneel on the floor. Place the wheel beneath your shoulder. Roll the wheel forward, bracing your abs. Keep rolling until you lose tension in your core. Slowly roll yourself back to the previous position. 

3. Front squat with a barbell 

The front squat barbell is a compound resistance workout. It not only targets your core but also improves your stability, strength, and flexibility. 

Stand straight with your feet hip-width apart, holding a barbell at about shoulder height. Make sure your elbows are parallel to the floor and let the handle rest on your fingertips. Do a squat maintaining the same elbow position. After a perfect squat gets back to the starting position.

Ab workouts for men at home

ab exercises for men

If you think you can not do ab workouts at home, then you are wrong. Some ab workouts offer the same advantages as any other exercise. Also, these are the basic workouts you need to perform, no matter if you want a 6 pack or just a strong core. 

1. Plank 

The plank position mainly targets your abdominal and core muscle. There is no fitness plan complete without planks. 

Plank is just the static position of a high pushup. You need to hold that position for 30 to 60 seconds or as much as you can. The most interesting thing about planks is there are many varieties of them. For example, 

  • Elbow plank 
  • Side plank 
  • Side crunch plank
  • Dolphin Plank 
  • Twisting knee plank
  • Caterpillar plank
  • One-legged plank 
  • Pushup Plank 
  • Plank knee trap 
  • Plank jacks 

2. Crunches 

Crunches are one of the most popular ab exercises for men. If you can perform it properly, it will engage all your core muscles. This workout works for both building a six-pack ab and toning the belly. 

Like the plank, the crunches have varieties too. Besides the standard crunch, you can practice,

  • Bicycle crunch 
  • Double crunch 
  • Reverse crunch 
  • Side to side crunch 
  • Frog crunch 
  • Pullover crunch 
  • Crunch and hover 
  • Vertical crunch 

3. Flutter kicks 

The flutter kick represents a swimming position. It engages your core and lower abdominal muscles. Practicing 20 flutter kicks every day will benefit your abs. 

To perform a flutter kick, lie on the floor, placing both your hands under the butt. Lift your right leg slightly off the ground past the hip heigh. Your lower back should not move. Now raise the right leg a few inches off the floor. Hold the position for a couple of seconds and then switch the leg positions. 

4. Leg raises 

Leg raises are another effective abdominal workout for men. This strengthens the core muscle, enhances flexibility, and burns down belly fat. You can try the leg raises in different positions. For example, 

  • Lying leg raises
  • Seated leg raises
  • Side-lying leg raises

The best ab exercises for bodybuilding

Are you looking for intense and challenging ab workouts? Here is a list that you can consider: 

  1. Side jackknife
  2. Barbell floor wiper
  3. Dragon flag 
  4. Medicine ball slam 
  5. Cocoon 
  6. Hanging leg raise 
  7. Dish rock 

How often should you practice the ab workouts? 

It depends on your physical endurance and capabilities. If you are doing hard workouts and your body gets sored, then 3 times a day is perfect for you. Give your muscles enough time to heal. Many people go for the 4 days a week or 2 days week workout schedules too. 

Ab workouts are mandatory to build a strong and stable core. I hope with this guide on ab exercises for men, you have got the perfect match for you.


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