Top Lower AB Workouts To Build A Strong Core

lower ab workouts

I know there are thousands of workouts available that focus on your oblique and upper abs. But when it comes to the lower abdominal part, things get a bit challenging. It is hard to develop the lower abdominal muscles because most of the fat gets stored in this place. 

But do not worry. Though it is tough, with a little trial and proper lower ab workouts, you can get a strong core. I personally prefer the mountain climber, modified planks, and leg raises for my fitness.

In this article, I will discuss the top workouts that target your lower abdominal muscles. If you are looking for a change, feel free to dig in. 

Killer lower ab workouts

lower ab workouts

Believe me or not, leg raises are the best option to build your lower abs. Let it be the simple one or the modified one, leg raise activates the deep abdominal muscles. In this section, I will only talk about the killer leg raise workouts for your lower abs. 

1. Hanging leg raises 

Hang dead with your arms on a pull-up bar. Keep your arms about shoulder-width apart. Make sure your legs are straight and feet together. Pull your feet up to the hip height keeping your legs straight. Your abs must stay engaged and chest up while making the moves. Hold in there for a few seconds and then get back to the beginning position. 

2. Garhammer position 

Hang with the pull-up bar with a knee raised position. Your feet must stay together. Draw the knees towards your chest, keeping your abs engaged. Lower the knees and return to the starting position. The Garhammer position is easy if you have mastered the hanging knee raises. 

3. Knee to chest 

You can practice this workout only if you are in the medium stage. The knee to chest workout focuses on your entire core muscles. 

Start this workout with the hanging knee raise position. Draw the knees higher. This will keep your ab engaged and create tension in the core muscles. Once you get the top position, lower your knees, and go back to the hanging knee raise position. 

Though this workout is for core muscles, you must have strong shoulders and grip to hold the whole body weight. Keep your body stable while doing the moves. The target for 8 to 12 reps of the knee to chest workout. 

Here are some other hanging leg raise lower ab workouts you can try:

  1. Hanging knee raise 
  2. Hanging knee raise twist 
  3. Toes to bar
  4. Windscreen wiper 
  5. Hanging leg circles
  6. Hanging slides

Weighted Lower AB Workouts

lower ab workouts

Adding a little weight to the regular workouts always makes them more effective. If you want to try lower abs workouts, here are some recommendations for you. 

1. Swiss ball plank 

The plank works for the whole body. Swiss ball plank is a modified lower ab workout. To practice this, place your elbows on a swiss ball and get in the plank position. Keep your entire body straight and in a line from head to toe. 

2. Landmine row 

The landmine row can be a great addition to the weighted workouts for your lower abs. You will need a barbell for this workout. 

Put a weight of about 8 to 10 pounds on one side of the barbell. Place one corner of the barbell on the floor and grab the handle of the weighted side. Now wave it from one side to another, creating an inverted U shape. 

3. Medicine ball V up 

A medicine ball V up targets your entire core that includes the lower ab muscles. Start this workout by lying on the floor. Keep your feet closer to each other. Hold a medicine ball at its side with both your hands and place it behind your head. 

Lift both your legs and arms with the medicine ball at the same time. Try to make a V shape. At the end of this move, the medicine ball should touch your shins. Hold that position for a few seconds and return to the start. Repeat the moves for 30 seconds. 

4. Weighted crunch 

This workout targets the entire core, especially the lower abs. 

Lie flat on the floor and keep your knees bent. Hold a dumbbell or weight plate with both your hands over your chest and keep your arms extended. Slowly lift your torso off the ground, maintaining a stable and motionless lower back. 

The dumbbell should be held in the same position during the workout. Pause for a few seconds. Return to the starting position and repeat the moves.  

Other lower ab workouts with weights are:

  • Front squat with a barbell
  • Straight leg sit-ups 
  • Kettlebell swing 
  • Cable crunch 
  • Pike to superman 
  • TRX sprinter
  • Straight barbell sit up
  • Star plank 
  • Resided reverse crunch 

Lower ab workouts at home

lower ab workouts

You can definitely practice the lower ab workouts at home. To make the workouts a little more challenging, add a little weight or modify them. 

1. Scissor switch 

  • Lie on the floor facing up. Place your hands extended overhead and legs straight. 
  • Raise your right let up from the ground and make it perpendicular to the floor. Hold your right leg with both your hands and try to draw it towards your face. While doing this, your left leg and shoulder blades should be a few inches up from the floor.
  • Continue the workout by switching to the left legs. 

2. Mountain climbers 

The mountain climbers are great lower ab workouts for beginners. This workout is simple to perform and focuses on the entire body. 

Start with getting into the high plank position. Draw your right knee closer to your chest and keep your core engaged. Pause for a few seconds and return to the high plank position. Then repeat the move with your left knee. 

Some other home workouts are:

  • Plank hop 
  • Plank jack 
  • Boat pose 
  • Warrior balance
  • Body saw 
  • Flutter kick 
  • Leg lift 

The lower ab workouts can be both intense and simple. In this article, I have discussed some of the most effective workouts. I hope you guys have found it helpful.


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