7 Day Workout Plan For Weight Loss

7-day workout plan for weight loss

Everyone around the world seek a healthier tomorrow. However, to get a leaner and fitter body, a person needs to maintain strict fitness routines. However, long and hectic work lives leave very little room for one to spend weeks and months after the fitness regimes. 

Everyone wants to be fit in a short time, like a week. Is there a 7-day workout plan for weight loss? There is, actually. Body fitness experts have come up with a special 7-day workout regime that if one follows will see visible results right at the end of the week. 

One must be willing, determined and resolute to stick to such plans. Once the determination is established, nothing can stop her from sculpting the body of her dreams. 

This article will walk you through the 7-day workout regime that you must follow whole-heartedly without skipping a single pointer. Wishing you luck!

7-day workout plan for weight loss

7 Day Workout Plan For Weight Loss

There are different ways of losing weight, for example, dieting, jogging or running, cycling, weight or interval trainings, to name a few.  If you want to lose weight by workout alone, you need to go through some rigorous exercise sessions with strict continuation. 

Strength training is what you should be aiming for. Regular strength training will assist you in having a stronger heart, higher limb functionality, more activeness, burn more calories, and build lean body mass. 

Maintaining consistency in workouts enhances the BMR or the Basal Metabolic Rate, which represents the number of calories burnt when the body is in a restful position. 

Have you tried to create your own weight-loss plan but not sure where to start? Try out the 7-day strength work-out challenge and see the results almost immediately. 

For these exercise sessions, all you would need are weights, kettlebells or dumbbells, a floor mat, and some work out space. Each session takes at best 15 minutes. 

The sessions are so short you can squeeze them in during your lunch break or while you are making dinner. You can add these steps to your current routine or use them to create a workout circuit.

Monday: Total-Body Strength Training

Start with squats and repeat 15 times. This is the lower-body workout and while you squat remember to keep your chest up and do not let the knees come over your toes. 

Continue with dumbbell bench press.  During this workout, place your feet flat on the ground, with the rest of your body, that is, head, back and hips all in a straight alignment, and repeat this movement 12 times. 

After this, do the Dumbbell row workout at 12 reps. If you do not have a bench then do it with a bent-over row. 

The 4th type of workout that you are supposed to do is the Lying Isometric Y position which you are supposed to hold for 30 seconds. If lowering your feet on the ground gives you more comfort, then you can do that. 

Total-Body Strength Training

This is the first day of the circuit workout—do not overdo or else you might hurt yourself. 

Box step-ups are what you should go for next. While you are at it, you can shift between your left and right leg. Challenge yourself by stepping forward into a lunge with as you jump down from the box. Repeat this 15 times with each leg. 

Complete the circuit with the traditional plank position and hold it for 30 seconds. As you should be a bit tired and breathless at this point, planking might be a little difficult. Nevertheless, do not give up and hold on the to the core tightly. 

Now repeat the entire circuit, that is the 6 different workouts, 3 times, in the same order. After you have successfully completed this run, you are ready for the next day. 

Tuesday: Sprint And Jog Mix

Sprinting is an important part of strength training. A sprint for 30-40 seconds increases your pulse rate, thus promoting your body to burn excessive calories at great speeds. Regular sprinting exercise, combined with mild jogging to finish, is a great way to improve your rate of metabolism and create lean body mass. 

Sprint And Jog Mix

Can you sprint at home if you do not feel like going out? Sure. A normal treadmill, elliptical or rowing machines are just fine too. Therefore, start with 30 seconds of sprinting, slowing it down to a 60 seconds jogging session until you come to a halt. Repeat this 12 times. 

Wednesday: Foam Rolling Exercise Plus Steps

Monday and Tuesday were quite rigorous, but that does not mean you would take a nap on Wednesday. A continuous light body-workout sessions need to be maintained every day throughout the week. 

Consistency in training will enhance your body’s mobility—in other words, make you more active and more motivated to get up and go. Also, these workout sessions promote all angle body movements which will help your body to burn more energy or calories. 

Foam Rolling Exercise Plus Steps

It is crucial to remember that when you engage in foam rolling, the quality of the foam should be excellent. 

After you are done with the foam rolling exercise, pair it up with some walking. What could be more relaxing and invigorating than walking? The benefits of walking are endless—it increases blood-flow to regions that need repair, like muscles or infected organs, and help recover wear-and-tear. 

Carry the mile tracker with you, or download such service–providing apps into your phone, when you are going out to walk, and use them to count 12000 steps to the dot. 

The regular number of steps is 10000–12 000 is to push your body envelope slightly. Experts say that it is the additional 2000 steps that will contribute the most when it comes to shedding unwanted pounds off your body.  

Thursday: Repeat Monday’s Workout

On Thursday, just repeat what you did on Monday. Do not skip it under any condition as regularity and consistency is the key to weight loss. 

Friday: High-Intensity Workout

The aim of high-intensity training sessions is to uplift the body’s calorie-burning capability by folds while keeping things fresh and invigorating. High-intensity workout sessions need a lot of motivation—who can do this better than a good friend?

High-Intensity Workout 

Also, these kinds of hectic sessions should better not be done at home—grab your buddy’s hands and head out for the nearest gym instead. Remember work out sessions will be fun when you make them and high-intensity workout sessions cry out for chats and gossips while burning your calories. 

Saturday: Total-Body Training

Repeat what you did on Monday and Thursday–that is the full circuit. The circuit ensures that all your limbs and muscles are optimally energized to get that fat-less lean body you are aiming for. 

Total-Body Training

Sunday: Finally, Rest Day

The thing about strength training is that it breaks down muscle fibers since it is so rigorous. Therefore, some quality time-out is paramount to recover muscular wear and tear. It is during the resting period that you will notice the changes in your body. 

Take your time and notice your breathing, pulse-rate and endurance—they would be stronger now after all those rigorous workout sessions.


Q.1) What are the rules for 7-day fitness plans?

Ans: There are two important rules that if you do not follow would render the whole 7-week plan pointless. They are—regularity and diet. There is no use going through an intense work out session in the first week, only to get frustrated and give up on the next week. 

You need to keep your hopes up high—share your plan and your progress with your friends that will help you to stay on track by increasing accountability. Maintain all workout sessions for 3-4 weeks, or according to the dietician or gym instructor’s guidelines. 

Another factor that may render your workout plan useless is your unhealthy diet. If you keep ingesting sugar, processed food, high-fat meat, fast food, and deep-fried stuff, no good will be done. 

If you do not maintain a high protein- high fiber diet during strength training, you are simply adding sugar from one end and burning it on the other, thus making zero progress. 

Q.2) Can I plan a 7-day fitness session using HIIT?

Ans: HIIT stands for High-Intensity Interval Training, which could be great for 7-day fitness regimes. Yes, definitely you should go for it. You can also incorporate some cardio sessions, with at least one recovery interval in the middle of the week. 

The last day could be a low-intensity cardio regime. HIIT makes way to an array of workout sessions—jogging, boxing, shuttle runs, mountain climbers, jumping jacks, lunges, jumps, walking, running, yoga, plank, squats, and whatnot. 

7-day workout plan for weight loss

Q.3) What are the factors that affect weight-loss?

Ans: Obesity and diet would be the first two—an overweight person would have to go through longer and more strenuous work-out sessions than thinner people. 

Diet is the backbone of all fitness regimes—a proper diet will validate it, a lack of it would render the fitness routine pointless. Age, gender, sleeping habits, underlying medical conditions, and genetics play major roles too.

Fitness is the word of the 21st century. It is the latest trend. Everyone wants it, but only a few successfully make it. The reason behind this is that fitness takes a lot of determination and endurance to go through and maintain hectic work-out and dieting routines. 

Though it may seem hard-to-believe, but the fitness experts of today have built a 7-day workout plan for weight loss that can help a person lose a good amount of weight in a short time. 

What one must do in this 7-day fitness regime? It is a clever combination of running, walking, strength training, and cardio that is so simple that you can do them while watching your favorite show on TV. Don’t wait and get yourself trim and proper by this masterplan of fitness.


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