Why Is My Skin So Dry Even When I Moisturize? 5 Reasons and Treatment

Why Is My Skin So Dry Even When I Moisturize

Last winter, I experienced a rough, dry skin. I had used almost all kinds of tricks, but there was no progress. I got so depressed and often questioned myself, “Why is my skin so dry even when I moisturize?”

After doing a little research, I got my answers, and it was not what I expected. It said my moisturizing technique is wrong, and I need to change a few of my habits. Well, I followed and got rid of the dry, flaky skins. 

I was thinking about sharing advice with you. And finally, I am writing this article. If you have tried everything to moisture your flaky skin but failed, give this article a quick read. 

Why Is My Skin So Dry Even When I Moisturize

Why is my skin so dry and flaky? 

Before deciding how you are going to heal your dry skin, determine its cause. I was experiencing the flaky skins due to the cold or harsh weather. But climate is not the only thing responsible for the dry skin. There can be some other reasons. For example, 

📘 Eczema 

📘 Using low-quality makeup products, soaps, etc. 

📘 Smoking 

📘 Diabetics

📘 Liver disease

📘 Kidney disease


📘 Psoriasis

📘 Long hot water bath 

📘 Allergies 

So, all these are the probable reasons why you have dry skin. You can visit a dermatologist to determine the exact reason.

Why is my skin so dry even when I moisturize? 

So, most of us have this concept in mind that moisturizing our skin with a cream or ointment will keep away from getting dry. But in some cases, this idea can be proven wrong. Just because your cream has a moisturizer label on it, that does not mean the product will work. 

Generally, we make some common mistakes while trying to cure dry skin. And those mistakes do not let your flaky skins become soft. So what are those mistakes? Let’s talk about them one by one. 

Why Is My Skin So Dry Even When I Moisturize

1. Choosing a harsh cleanser 

Nowadays, we all use cleansers to keep our face and body clean. But do you know which one is best for you? If you are using an expensive cleanser, it does not mean that it is perfect. 

In most cases, the cleansers manufactured with harsh chemicals strip off the natural oil from your skin. It makes your skin dry. And no matter how much moisturizer you use, the skin does not get soft. 

If your skin is too clean, that means your cleanser is harsh. Always buy cleansers that suit your skin type. For example, cream cleansers are the best for dry skins. If you do not understand what to use, just ask the beauty specialist at the store. 

2. Using cleanser frequently 

I know you like your skin to be clean and fresh. But if you use too much cleansers, it can strip off your skin cells’ natural oils. The cell layer will lose the softness, and your skin will look dry. 

Also, over-cleansing can cause skin microbiome problems. If you feel the skin tightening after using a cleanser, then the product may have killed the skin’s good bacterias. So, what will you do? Use the products twice a day and use water for the other times. 

3. Applying the wrong moisturizer 

Applying the wrong moisturizer 

Believe me or not, your dry skin won’t absorb moisturizer if it is the wrong kind. You can question what do I mean by the wrong moisturizer? See, if you have dry skin, you need to apply the products that suit your skin type. The properties and qualities of dry skin and oily skin products have vast differences. 

For dry skin, go for the products that have hydrating ingredients like glycerine and hyaluronic acid. However, for oily skin, use the products that are lightweight and free of pore-clogging oil. You can also apply the natural moisturizer to keep your dry skin soft. 

Also, do not use the summertime moisturizer in the cold, and vice versa. In the warm months, apply lightweight lotions or creams on your skin. And in the cold months, go for the creamy body butter to cure your dry skins.

4. Moisturizer applying technique is wrong 

Yes, there is a proper technique to use moisturizer. If you harshly rub it on your face, you may end up harming your own skin. Here is a recommended way of applying moisturizer on the skin: 

◾ Clean your skin with a gentle cleanser or mild soap. This will remove the dead cells from the upper layer and make room for the moisturizer. 

◾ Now pat your skin with a soft towel. Using rough towels can make your skin irritate a little. 

◾ Finally, apply the moisturizer in a circular motion on the dry areas. 

Many beauty experts actually recommend this method. Your skin will stay soft and wrinkleless. Also, there will be no dead skin after moisturizing. However, do not use an extra amount of cleanser. Follow the directions given on the product. 

You may know it or not, but there is a right time to moisturize your skin. After washing your skin with a mild soap or cleanser, your skin gets dry. You need to use creams or oils to keep the cells hydrated. If you do not moisturize your skin after washing, it will be dry and flaky. 

5. Unhealthy lifestyle 

You can experience dry, flaky skin even after applying moisturizer because of your unhealthy way of living. For example, if you do not drink enough water a day, it will affect your skin. Water is such an element that moisturizes your skin from the inside. And so, if the cells are not hydrated enough, it is tough to moist them with any product.

How you can do the dry skin treatment 

Maybe you have got the reason why your skin is so dry even after moisturizing it. Here are some tips you can follow to keep the skin soft and glowing. 

How you can do the dry skin treatment 

1. Use hydrating mask 

2. Apply facial oil or natural oil

3. Go for the natural moisturizer like coconut oil or shea butter 

4. Avoid overuse of the cleansers

Why is my skin so dry even when I moisturize?” This was the most depressing question for me, and I have got over it. With this article’s help, I hope you guys will get your answer and avoid the common mistakes. 

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