800 Calorie Diet Plan To Lose Weight

800 Calorie Diet Plan

The 800 calorie diet plan or what is more popularly termed Fast 800 is a sure shot way to lose some weight quickly. The results are unbelievable because the efforts are also hard. This diet is one of the best ways to lose weight in a short time. If you follow this diet, you can expect to lose anywhere between 10-11 lbs. in just two weeks. Having discussed the great benefits of this diet, we must admit that this diet is not sustainable. While we can reap the benefits by doing it for a short time, it is not a long-term plan. The purpose is that we lose a lot of weight quickly and then follow the 5:2 rule. This rule is easy to understand. We will be following a Medetterian diet for 5 days when we will be eating more calories. And on the other two days of the week, we will be following the 800 calorie diet plan. In these two days, we are allowed to eat a maximum of 800 calories. If we follow this rule, then this diet becomes possible to continue in the long run and we can not only drop our weight quickly but keep it at an optimum level.

Now that we have explained what we can expect out of this diet and how to keep it going for a long time, let us look at some options. I have divided the 800 calories into three meals. These are breakfast, lunch, and dinner. There are two options I have suggested for each meal. You can pick the one you like or switch them up every day. These are not hard and fast meal plans. You can customize the meal.  Now let’s look at the options we have.

800 Calorie Diet Plan


Option 1:

Avocado Sandwich (280 Calories)

This is quick and easy to make. The ingredients that you need to make this healthy sandwich are:

1. 1 piece of Whole Grain Bread.

2. 1/2 cup of avocado

3. Salt and pepper

Put the avocado in a blender turn it to a paste. Add salt and pepper to the paste and mix it. Now put the mixture on top of the bread and your avocado sandwich is ready. This is one of my favorite meals in this 800 calorie low carb diet menu as it is rich in fiber and quick and easy to make.

Option 2:

Orange & Carrot Juice (130 Calories)

This requires a bit of preparation time but this one is a great option for a healthy breakfast. Take 5 carrots and chop them up. Use orange and put the mixture in the juicer. Blend the mixture and add stevia for sweetness. Your healthy juice is ready.


Option 1:

Beef Salad (280 Calories)

The first option in this 800 calorie diet plan menu is an amazing ground beef salad. For this meal, all you need are some veggies and ground beef. 75 grams of ground beef should be enough to prepare this low-calorie salad. Use lettuce or baby spinach as veggies for this salad. Top it off with one tablespoon of olive oil dressing.

Option 2:

Greek Salad (250 Calories)

To make this delicious salad, we need two ripe tomatoes. Then use one large cucumber and four pieces of ripe olives. Use 50 grams of feta and add a dressing of extra virgin olive oil. Add salt and pepper to the mixture and your salad is ready for consumption.


Option 1:

Tomato Soap (200 Calories)

The best part of all these meals is their low preparation time. This tasty soup will not take longer than 15 minutes to prepare in total. Here are the ingredients for this soup:

2 Ripe Tomatoes

2 Garlic Cloves

5 Basil Leaves

1 Tablespoon Greek Yogurt

Salt and pepper

Wash all the ingredients and turn them into a fine paste using a blender. Then add at least 100 ml of water to the mixture. Use more water if you like. Add salt and pepper to your taste. Your tomato soup is ready for you to enjoy.

Option 2:

Veg Shawarma (300 Calories)

To make this awesome veg shawarma, you need the following ingredients:

75 grams shwarma kebab

1/4 avocado

grated carrot


Grill the kabab and use the avocado and carrots for a side dish. This simple meal is healthy and it something that everyone would love to eat. These meals are not a compromise on the taste but give all the benefits.

Now that you have a complete list of everything, make a shopping list for 800 calorie diet. Plan your meals at the start of each day. This will make it easier to stick to. If there is outside pressure from your peers, don’t be afraid to let them know that you are on a diet and you will strictly adhere to it. Once you stick to the eating pattern for two weeks and achieve those amazing results, don’t ruin it by indulging in whatever you want. When you get to the 5:2 stage, what you eat on the 5 days is crucial. Since you have a great opportunity to eat more calories on those days, use it to your advantage and go for high protein foods. Eggs, chicken, and fish are good choices of protein. Keep the fats to a minimum. Remember to stay hydrated during this process and for the rest of your life for a healthy lifestyle.

There are some studies showing that some people have reversed their diabetes by following this “800 calorie diet plan”. So there is no reason to worry about side-effects or the safety of this diet. Go into this with a positive mindset. And the results will be positive in return. The meal plans given in this guide are only examples. If they sound too much work for you, come up with a meal plan yourself. Something that you can do. It will be much better that way if it is your own. The main idea of this guide has been to show you what is really possible by following this diet. Whether you follow this plan or make your own, results will come.

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