Does A High Carb Low Fat Diet Actually Work? – A Complete Guide For Weight Loss

High Carb Low Fat Diet

Over the past few decades, different methods of weight loss are getting around in the market. To be honest, a high carb low fat diet method was always at the bottom of the list. But recent scientific research has turned around the table. People are trying high carb low fat meal plans to gain their desired body shape, and the success rate is astonishing. 

However, not all the high carb food items are beneficial because of their fat rate. So, before getting into the diet plan, you must know everything about it.

Do High Carb Low Fat Foods Help To Lose Weight?

Many of us know that carbohydrate is the primary energy source of our bodies. When our bodies run out of the carb, they start burning our fats. That is the main reason why experts recommend a low carb diet. However, some recent studies support the opposite statement. 

The studies claim that high carb foods are not bad as long as they are low in fat. If you can burn the calories you consume per day, you will end up losing your weight. It is the simple thermodynamics rules. 

So, yes, a proper high carb low fat diet plan can help you reduce your body weight.

Top 5 High Carb Low Fat Diet Items

High Carb Low Fat Diet

1. Buckwheat 

People often confuse buckwheat as one kind of wheat, but it is a form of cereal and totally gluten free. Raw buckwheat contains a high percentage of carbonate (almost 71.5%). 

The food is an abundant source of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, fibers, and proteins. These nutrients benefit us in maintaining a healthy body. 

2. Oats

Health conscious people, especially women, tend to add oats in their meals. Some consider it the healthiest whole grain food in the world. Eating oats will give you huge health benefits as the food item contains different nutrients.

The food item is enriched in carbs(66%), minerals, vitamins, antioxidants, fiber, and protein. It also reduces the rate of various health hazards. Such as:

▪ Raw oats can reduce the risk of heart diseases.

▪ The item keeps the blood sugar level low.

3. Quinoa 

Quinoa is one kind of seed, which can be eaten as grains. That is why it is called a pseudocereal. Most experts recommend adding quinoa in the weight loss diet chart because of its nutritious value. 

Cooked quinoa is high in carbohydrate (21.3%), fiber, plant compounds, minerals, and protein. However, the item is gluten free and can burn body fat. Eating quinoa can help control blood sugar levels and other health issues. 

4. Chickpeas 

You may also know this item by other names, like, garbanzo beans. Chickpeas contain carbs (27.4%), fiber, and other plant based proteins. Adding this food as a side item can make your meals more nutritious. 

Chickpeas are high in vitamin B, iron, phosphorus, etc. These minerals and vitamins benefit our heart and digestive system in many ways. 

5. Kidney beans 

Remember the days when your mom made delicious kidney beans dishes? Well, be thankful to her because these beans have many health beneficiaries. 

Kidney beans are enriched with carbohydrates (22.8%) and high quality protein. Besides, they contain minerals, fibers, starches, and antioxidants. Eating kidney beans regularly will benefit you in three ways.

▪ You will lose your extra weight.

▪ Your blood sugar will come in control.

▪ You will have less chance of getting colon cancer.

Some other high carb low fat diet items

▪ Apples 

▪ Bananas

▪ Oranges

▪ Blueberries

▪ Grapefruits

▪ Sweet potatoes

▪ Broccoli

▪ Cucumber

▪ Artichoke

▪ Brassel sprouts

▪ Green leafy vegetables

▪ Tomatoes

▪ Eggplants

▪ Amaranth

▪ Muesli

▪ Wheat bran

▪ Barley

▪ Black beans

The food items you must avoid

If you want to lose weight with a high carb low fat diet, then you must avoid these food items: 

▪ Cornflakes 

▪ Fruit juice

▪ Potatoes

▪ Rice crackers

▪ White bread

▪ White rice

High carb low fat vegan diet chart

This weight loss method is more favorable for the vegans as we do not include animal protein in the diet. In my previous section, I have discussed the food items you should or should not include in your meals. This section will give you a diet chart that may benefit you to gain your dream health.

Vegan diet chart for HCLF:

Food ItemsQuantity
Fruits1 ½ to 2 cups
Whole grain2 cups (cooked)
Green leafy vegetables2 to 3 cups (raw)
1 to 2 cups (cooked)
Legumes1 ½ cups (cooked)
Plant based fat A few nuts a day

5 Common High Carb Low Fat Diet Recipe 

High Carb Low Fat Diet

1. Spirulina smoothie

A glass of spirulina smoothie can refresh your tired body anytime. You may need 2 minutes to prepare the dish. The recipe is simple, and the ingredients are available in the local shops. 


▪ Spirulina

▪ Apple juice

▪ Banana

▪ Lemon juice

▪ Fresh spinach

▪ Ice

2. Chocolate truffle 

Who doesn’t love chocolate? It will be much better if you can get low fat chocolates, right? The chocolate truffle is low in fat and high in carbs. It is total vegan, and the dish will completely satisfy your tastebuds. 


▪ Medjool dates

▪ Chia seeds

▪ Cacao powder

▪ Almond flour

▪ Almond milk

▪ Flaxseed meal

▪ Maple syrup

▪ Shredded coconut

3. Quinoa stuffed pepper

This is a perfect dish for your dinner party. Both the quinoa and pepper are high in carb and contain various minerals and vitamins. It will take you 40 minutes to prepare this delicious meal.


▪ Quinoa 

▪ Lentils

▪ Green bell pepper

▪ Corn

▪ Spinach

▪ Cheese

▪ Black pepper

▪ Salt

4. Pumpkin chia seed pudding

Pudding is an absolute form of joy. Pumpkin chia seed pudding will help you to stay fit and satisfy your taste bud at the same time. 


▪ Chia seeds

▪ Pumpkin puree

▪ Pumpkin spice

▪ Milk

▪ Maple syrup

▪ Sunflower seeds

▪ Blueberries 

▪ Almonds 

5. Buckwheat salad

We know that buckwheat has various nutritious values. Combining it with other green items will increase its health value. 


▪ Buckwheat

▪ Green seeds

▪ Onions

▪ Pumpkin seed

▪ Cranberries

▪ Tomato

▪ Rice vinegar

▪ Salt

▪ Sesame oil

▪ Black pepper

Maintaining a healthy life is still possible if you are a vegan. HCLF diet plans will help you to achieve your dream body.

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