Best Yoga For Weight Loss: 4 Effective Yoga Poses

Best Yoga For Weight Loss

Yoga is a pure form of exercise that symbolizes discipline and peace. It’s not religion itself but it surely is connected to a religion. It’s more like an art and a relaxing form of exercise. And if you plan to lose weight then there is yoga for weight loss as well. 

Here we will go ahead with losing weight through yoga. You can follow along with these workout sessions completely to get the bodyweight you desire so much.

Let’s get on with it without any delay. 

Best yoga for weight loss

Just like any other workout you need to get some warmup for your yoga session as well. And for warming up you will start with some basic stretches. 

Best Yoga For Weight Loss


Stretching for yoga is really easy and also gives you inner peace. You need to keep the process very natural. Here’s how you do it. 

At first, you will need to tuck your chin right into your chest. Then from there try to lengthen your neck by stretching it. The next thing you do is press into your head. Along with that press into your elbows. Then you will need to bring your shoulder blades closer to each other and get them downwards. For the lower body, you can extend your legs and take a deep breath. This will help you achieve a full-body stretch and finish up your warm-up. 

Once you are done with your warmup session move to your yoga workout session. We tried to include yoga for beginners assuming you are just starting off with yoga. 

Workout – 1 

Put all the tension towards the navel, the spine, the pelvis. Then lift up your knees together, it might be a bit difficult as a beginner. You can keep trying until you get it done it’s not something you have to do on the first try.

Scoot your tailbone up and draw your navel inwards. You will need to do that to help support your back properly. Make sure your abdominal wall is working while all those things go on.

There and we are already feeling the fire in the belly. 

You can bring your knees closer to your hips if it gets too difficult for you. 

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Workout – 2

Keep your legs up in the air. Make sure your fingertips are facing the ceiling. Breath in and out properly to get some relaxation going. 

Open your shoulders. Then we have to interlace bringing the fingers behind the head, keeping the thumbs extended. You will get a feeling similar to a neck massage after that. Then you need to open up your body just by keeping your shoulders wide open.

While all that goes on, we have to draw our navel down and scoop the tailbone up again. And we will be doing the opposite as well. For that, we will scoop out the tailbone after drawing the navel towards the spine. To support your lower back further you can actually get your knees right around your hips and keep your shins parallel to the ground. You can also keep your hands down so your elbows touch the mat.

Now you will need to bring your chin closer to your chest and inhale. Then as you exhale, scoop your tailbone up and draw your navel down. After that lift up your head, shoulders, elbows, and neck steadily 

Workout – 3

We are going to continue the journey by pressing the palms in front of us and spreading it wide and slow. 

Transition your body to all fours, as inputting your knees and palms onto the ground to support your body. Situate yourself in the center of the mat. Just come onto the tabletop position. 

Now press up and out the foundation, draw the shoulders away from ears and go up and down for a while. Keep breathing and look forward to dropping the belly.

Now go downwards by curling the toes under, walk the fingertips forwards and then slowly lift the hip points up and down. Nice move!  

Keep pedaling the feet out also, press into the palms and the top of shoulders, keep rotating away from the ears. Keep working out the body like that for a while and a difference will be seen. 

as we slowly lower our hip, we extend through the heels from the tabletop position we were in. 

Now we squeeze the buttocks together and Shoulder blades in together as we extend through. Keep breathing all along because it’s necessary. 

Workout – 4

Let’s start it by planting a Palm on the ground and we will step it back downward.

Drop the right heel, extend the left leg, pressing up and out the palm the workout is being started. Extend through the left leg, right heel drops, and exhale, don’t forget to shift forward within. 

This time step is to plank, whether we are in full plank or half plant, we have to make sure that we are creating a nice straight line from the crown of the head to the tip of the tailbone. 

Inhale and exhale the air nicely while the workout is going on.

Now we bend our elbows just halfway. 

Continue this process for at least 1 minute. We are on some good fat burning into our body. 

People who are doing it for the very first time can do 2 sets of it whereas people who will be continuing the yoga for full-body fat burn should do at least 3-4 sets of these 4 particular workouts to get an effective result. 


So now we see here that Yoga for weight loss is necessary because it’s a peaceful process to go with. Yoga accelerates our brain and body throughout the day and keeps the blood circulation ongoing. All these steps of yoga for weight loss are effective if we are competing with our goals by following them. All the best for the weight loss process!

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