Top 7 Pre-diabetes Diet Foods To Avoid

Prediabetes Diet Foods To Avoid

Selecting the right foods, preparing and presenting them correctly, and eating the right amount of foods is a must to keep yourself free from prediabetes. 

If you don’t have prediabetes, then you can avoid it by awareness. But if you have, then you can reverse it. 

So you should think twice before choosing and avoiding any foods to control your prediabetes. Here, we have tried to reveal prediabetes diet foods to avoid according to the expert’s suggestions. But it seriously doesn’t mean you have to avoid all foods.  


Before going to the avoidable foods list, let’s know about prediabetes definition, risky zone, and symptoms. They will help you to realize and avoid unhealthy foods.

What does pre-diabetes mean?

Prediabetes Diet Foods To Avoid

When your body produces more blood sugar than usual but not enough for type 2 diabetes, then it is called prediabetes. If you don’t take care of prediabetes, it develops the risk of T2D ( type 2 diabetes), heart disease, and kidney disease.

Who is lying in the risky zone of having prediabetes?

You can assume that you are lying in a risky zone if you are not aware of your lifestyle. For example

Overweight: if you don’t have a match weight with your height, you may attack by prediabetes. Overweight is a major reason for prediabetes. 

Waist size: man having more than a 40″ waist and a woman having more than a 35″ waist is risky for prediabetes. A fatty waist has insulin resistance and develops diabetes.

Food habit: a healthy food habit is essential to lead a healthy life. If you have an unhealthy food habit and taking too much food, it will cause your prediabetes.

Laziness: physical activity and exercise is a must to keep you fit. But if you are lazy or don’t do any physical activity, the more you risk prediabetes.

Age: Older people, especially after 45 years old, have a significant risk of prediabetes. But that doesn’t mean that if you are younger, you don’t have any risk. 

Genetic: sometimes, you may have prediabetes because of only genetic reasons. If you have parents or siblings with diabetes, you have to check your diabetes.

Regional area: it is not even clear why Americans, Indians,  or Asian people are relatively likely to have prediabetes. 

Gestational diabetes: if you are a woman and had gestational diabetes during pregnancy, you can develop prediabetes.

Irregular menstruation: woman facing irregular menstruation for a long time, it may increase prediabetes risk.

Unusual sleeping problem: if you have sleep apnea, you are at a higher risk of prediabetes. 

Chain smoker: smoking doesn’t have any positive aspects rather negative aspects. Smoke causes many diseases, including prediabetes.

Some common symptoms of prediabetes

If you have noticed any listed symptoms, you have to checkup your insulin and blood sugar to identify prediabetes. The symptoms are

  • Feeling frequent urination
  • Feeling more thirstiness but drinking much water.
  • Feeling more hungry than before
  • Feeling tired without doing hard-work.
  • Feeling vision blurriness 

Prediabetes Diet Foods To Avoid

Prediabetes Diet Foods To Avoid

You have known about prediabetes, its symptoms, and the risky zone from the above discussion. Now, we will talk about the top 7 foods that you must avoid. 

1. Sugary drinks and fruits

If you have prediabetes, you have to avoid sugar and sugary drinks. Even you must avoid fruits that contain a lot of sugar. Sugar increases the risk of developing prediabetes and any other diabetes.

Sugar has fructose, and fructose helps to increase insulin resistance and glucose levels in the bloodstream.

So you can take diet soda, black tea, black coffee instead of sugary drinks to control diabetes.

2. Any kinds of dried fruits

Yes, dried fruits are the worse selection for you when you are trying to control your prediabetes. You can take green fruits rather than dried fruits. These fruits support you by providing various vitamins, potassium, and minerals. But when the fruits are dried, they have lost water. So don’t take dates, prunes, walnuts, and figs because these are the most common dried fruits.

3. Simple Carbohydrates

When you have prediabetes, you have to replace your simple carbohydrates with complex carbohydrates. You must avoid rice, pasta, white bread, candy, syrup, refined, and processed foods.

You can eat brown rice, burley, sweet potatoes, chickpeas, beans, nuts, and vegetables by replacing these foods.

4. Junk foods

When you are a prediabetes patient, it is a precondition for you to avoid junk foods. As junk foods don’t have any nutritious value, but these foods help to develop diabetes.

So you should avoid French fries, burgers, pizza, fried rice, sandwich, Coke, ice cream, grilled and fried foods, pastries, cakes, etc.

5. Fruit Juice

In common sense, you can think fruit juice is a healthy drink. But most of the time, you make these fruit juice by adding extra sugar. Otherwise, the juice doesn’t have as much taste as you like. That’s why you should avoid fruit juice. Sometimes, some kinds of fruit juice contain higher sugar. 

Instead of taking fruit juice, you can take lemon juice.

6. Yogurt with fruit flavor

You can consume simple yogurt, but you have to avoid fruit-flavored yogurt. However, the companies use non-fat milk but use carbs and sugar to produce flavored yogurt. For example, 245g fruit-flavored yogurt has 47g sugar. It means the yogurt has 81% calories from sugar.

7. Packaging foods

You have to give extra concentrate while choosing snacks. It will be a great idea if you can cook your snacks at home. But if it is not possible for your tight schedule, you have to buy snacks from outside. While purchasing snacks, avoid packaging snacks like pretzels, chips, crackers. 

Final verdict

Prediabetes or diabetes both don’t have any medicine to cure. But knowing the right ways of taking care, taking some precautions, and avoiding some unhealthy foods will reduce it. At first glance, it seems a very lengthy process and challenging job. But if you follow these for some months, then it will be your lifestyle. 

Here, we have discussed prediabetes diet foods to avoid. If you can avoid all these foods that boost your blood sugar levels and keep insulin resistance under control. You can hope to come back to normal life from prediabetes.

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