The Relationship Between Diet Soda And Diabetes

Diet Soda And Diabetes

The more we depend on the internet and computer-based work, the more our physical activity reduces. As a result, we are gaining weight and becoming obese. 

Not only that, our eating habits play a vital role in gaining weight. And for the last 20 years, diabetes is a common disease in the USA and around the globe.

While you have diabetes, it is your primary duty to manage sugar and insulin levels through diet control and stay active. 

But most diabetes patients drink different types of sweetened drinks though they have to avoid it. In this case, you can drink a soda diet to keep your blood sugar, diabetes under control, and reduce weight. 

What Is Diet Soda?

Diet Soda And Diabetes

Diet soda is a popular drink among most USA people. Diabetes patients take it as a good choice to sugary and sweetened beverages. The experts say that it has only one percent sugar and 99 percent water. Even it contains 5 -10 calories and below one gram of carbs per drink.

As it is sugar-free, so it has artificial sweeteners, colors, flavors, acids, preservatives, and caffeine.

But all kinds of diet soda are not sugar and calorie-free. One can of Coca-Cola contains stevia ( a natural sweetener) and has 24-gram sugar and 90-gram calories.

So when you are taking diet soda to prevent diabetes risk, you have to select the best one for you.

How diabetes and diet soda are related

A study found that most diabetes sufferers take 4-5 cans of diet soda every week. And this consumption of diet soda increases different types of diabetes-associated diareses.  

Who have diabetes and chain smoker, they are laying in the risk of higher blood pressure, blood fat, and greater BMI( Body Mass Index).

If you want to check your blood sugar level, you must take a moderate number of diet sodas. 

Here we are describing some diet sodas, which are best for diabetes. By adopting a good one from the list, you can say goodbye to the worse one.

Diet Soda And Diabetes

1. The Virgil’s Zero diet sodas

I hope you have already heard the name of this soda. It is completely free from any kinds of artificial sweeteners, colors, calories, carbs, and caffeine. On a positive note, it is also a ketogenic diet-friendly. You like to drink this as it has a slew of tasty aromas.

2. Zevia 

If you are a vegetarian and have diabetes, it is the best beverage to control your diabetes. Moreover, the Zevia is free from gluten and aspartame ( an artificial sweetener). You can consume this drink without any hesitation because it has low calories and many flavors.

3. Sucralose

It can raise your blood sugar and helps to boost up your insulin level but does not contain any sugar. If you take it, you will take fewer carbs than the previous time because it will fill your stomach.

4. Aspartame

When you chew any chewing gum, you will find this aspartame (a chemical-based sweetener). It helps to increase your BMI level.

5. Sorbitol

It is common drinking for people living with diabetes. Sometimes the doctors prescribed it for severe diarrhea.  

6. Erythritol

You have got a sweet flavor in this erythritol but does not have too many calories. It is one kind of sugar alcohol and produced from corn. When you intake this drink, it affects negativity on your cholesterol, blood sugar, and insulin.  

Drinks for diabetes

There have some special drinks for diabetes. If you don’t like to take these sodas, you can pick one of them. They all have aspartame but don’t have any other artificial sweeteners. Some mentionable drinks are

  • Bai 5 Bubbles
  • Sprite Zero
  • Diet 7 up
  • Diet Rite
  • Caffeine-free Diet Pepsi
  • Caffeine-free diet Coke
  • Hint Kick 
  • Diet Coke with Splenda

Diet Soda And Diabetes

Advantages of consuming diet soda when you have diabetes

By consuming diet soda, you will get different types of advantages. Here are some of the advantages

  • Diet soda has fewer carbs and calories than regular soda. So it boosts up your blood sugar and insulin production level, which is a precondition for controlling diabetes.
  • It is not overloaded with sugar. So you can take diet soda though you have type 1 or type 2 diabetes.
  • Experts recommend diet soda as a beverage.

Disadvantages of consuming diet soda when you have diabetes

Drinking diet soda has some disadvantages besides advantages. The most common disadvantages are

  • Since it has fewer carbs and calories; it does not contain any nutritious value. 
  • If you take diet soda for the long term and excessive amount, there is a chance to gain weight. Even it may cause other health-related problems.
  • If you don’t have diabetes but take an excessive diet and regular soda, you will fall in danger of diabetes or pre-diabetes. 

Some Alternatives drinks for diabetes

If you don’t want to take these sugar-free but sweetener diet sodas, you can take some alternative drinking. Such as


It is one of the best beverages to keep yourself hydrated. Having diabetes or not, you must take at least 2 liters of pure drinking water. If you take two liters of drinking water, it helps to reduce your food intake level. When you take less food, you must lose your weight.

Sugar-free and Unsweetened tea

Sugar-free or black tea is one of the most popular drinkings all over the world. It gives you as much refreshment as diet soda provides you.

You can add peppermint and hibiscus and mint leaves with your tea to get more refreshment.

Final verdict

When it is your main focus to control your diabetes through diet soda, you have to reduce your sugar intake level. Before switching any soda, you must check your sugar, insulin, and diabetes level. Not only this if you face any problem when consuming diet soda. Please take your doctor’s advice without wasting time.

Taking healthy foods by maintaining time and measurement, physical activity, and a good choice of beverages are the best combination to control diabetes. 

Wish you a diabetes-free happy life.

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