How Diet Affects Cancer: What Is The Connection?

How Diet Affects Cancer

Cancer is one of the most deadly diseases known to us. It is one of the major reasons that cause people to die all over the world. Many factors can cause cancer and not all of them are in our control. You would be surprised to know that many experts say that over 70 percent of the factors that cause cancer can be controlled by us. 

Yes, It depends on us mostly. Your diet plays an important role in preventing cancer. You must be wondering how diet affects cancer? But diet indeed can mitigate the effects of cancer. 

There are certain foods which if you eat can increase the risk of cancer. On the other hand, some foods can help you to stay away from cancer. You must know about both types of food so you can plan a healthy diet for you and your family. 

How diet affects cancer?

The exact connection between diet and cancer is still a mystery. But, it can be said with certainty that many of the foods can help in preventing cancer while some can be the reason for cancer.

It is observed that there doesn’t need to be a cause and effect relationship between diet and cancer. We can’t still say for sure that by just eating some specific foods you can stay away from cancer. But, cancer and diet research showed that these foods help keep cancer away from your life. These small changes in your diet are worth it to make your life healthier. 

What causes cancer?

There are so many different kinds of cancer. Skin cancer, lung cancer, breast cancer, and kidney cancer are just some of the most popular types of cancer. There can be many reasons that can lead to cause cancer.

1. Biological Factors

One of the causes of cancer can be your age, your sex, your family history, and also your skin type. There are not many things that you can do about it. But, it is a good idea to keep the medical records of your family. It helps to pinpoint the reason more quickly.

2. Environmental Factors

Sometimes you can be suffering from cancer because of the environment you are in. Maybe, you are living in a place that is surrounded by toxic radiation and carcinogens that cause cancer.

It also can happen that the place you are working regularly doesn’t follow proper guidelines to prevent cancer. If you are working in a chemical factory then you would need to be careful. 

There are many carcinogens that you might need to deal with and you must wear proper protective gear before working with those chemicals. 

3. Lifestyle Choices

Cancer can be caused because of the lifestyle choices that we make. Smoking is one of the leading causes of lung cancer. Tobacco contains harmful carcinogens that can cause damage to our lungs. Alcohol can also damage our kidney and it is best if you can stay away from alcohol. Eating unhealthy foods can not only cause you food poisoning but also deadly cancerous diseases. 

Cancer Foods to Avoid

Certain foods can increase the risk of cancer. You need to know about those foods. Make sure that you avoid them.  

How Diet Affects Cancer

1. Foods containing excessive sugar: Foods that contain excessive sugar can cause harm to our bodies. But did you know that they can be responsible for cancer as well? Some researches link them to cancer. 

It has been found that foods that spike the blood sugar level in the body can cause various types of cancer. 

2. Processed Meat: Many kinds of research found that processed meats can result in cancer. The reason is the presence of carcinogens that are present in processed meat. It has been observed that people who eat processed meats have a higher chance of developing cancer later in their life. 

Processed meats contain added flavors or salt to make the food tastier. But it can harm our health a lot. It can cause a significant increase in colorectal cancer.  

3. Overcooked foodFoods that are cooked at high temperatures can be harmful fo us. At high temperatures, they produce HA and AGE compounds which are very harmful to us. 

They can cause inflammation which later can lead to cancer. Foods that have high animal protein can lead to cancer in general. 

4. Dairy Foods: It has been found through research and observation that various types of dairy foods can lead to cancer. Prostate cancer can be caused because of excessive consumption of dairy products. 

Milk has been associated with many causes for the growth of cancer. It increases insulin production in our body and increases the amount of calcium in our body. 

Foods That Prevent Cancer

Certain foods can help you stay away from cancer. You must know about those foods and add them to your daily diet to stay away from cancer. 

How Diet Affects Cancer

1. Vegetables: Vegetables contain healthy carbohydrates that are good for the body. It has also been found that vegetarians rarely develop cancer. You can eat green leafy vegetables like cauliflower, and other cruciferous vegetables. 

You can also eat vegetables like tomatoes, carrots, and others. They are very easy to add to your diet. 

2. FruitFruits are a very healthy replacement for sugar. If you are craving for something sweet then try fruits instead of sugar-based foods. 

There are many healthy fruits that you can add to your diet. You can have them for breakfast and also add them to your lunch. 

3. Spices and Nuts: Various spices and nuts are believed to be helpful against cancer. Cinnamon has anti-cancer properties and is a very useful addition to your diet. Nuts can also reduce the risk of developing cancer and you can have nuts. 

Diet and cancer are somehow connected and it is important that we stay away from foods that cause cancer. We should add those foods to our diet that helps to reduce cancer. Hopefully, in the future, we would get a more clear answer to how diet affects cancer

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