How To Cut Your Own Hair At Home Easily

how to cut your own hair

Not all the time, you can go to a salon to get a haircut. Especially in a situation like a coronavirus, it can get hazardous. That’s when you have to rely on cutting your own hair. But that is not an easy task to do. So, here we will tell you how to cut your own hair

With the help of this guide, you will be able to cut your hair neatly. We took on three hair types into consideration. We considered cutting hair for men and women both. 

How to cut hair yourself

Cutting your own hair is pretty challenging, especially for people with short hair. You can get very wrong with the measurements when you are cutting short hair. But with this guide, hopefully, you can do the job pretty easily. We will also go through cutting long hair as well. Let’s get started. 

How To Cut Your Own Hair Men

how to cut your own hair

Follow the steps to cut your short length hair-

  • First of all, get the things you will need for cutting your hair. You will need a pair of scissors, an electric razor, and a comb in cases of short hair.
  • Before beginning to cut your hair, make sure to wash them properly. Or you can sprinkle some water on your hairs as well. This makes it easier to cut your hair.
  • When you are cutting your own hair, the option for styling isn’t that open for you. So, you will need to go with some traditional hairstyles here. For short hairs, a traditional hairstyle is very little hair on the sides and the back. The top and the front has a good amount of hair on them. That’s how it goes. So, you will need to begin with that idea. 
  • Take your razer and put on the razer guard. Make sure to put the correct size you want your hairs to be. Then go move the razer straight in the direction you want to cut. While avoiding the sides, cut some of your hair from the top. Keep the razer in the direction where your hair grows or falls flat when you brush them. Finish it off by trimming some of your hair from the front.  
  • Then put on a short guard on your electric razor and start cutting down the sides and the back. Start off with the sideburns and get up to your ear height. Then start cutting from the back. Get up to the point where your top hairs start. You will see your hairs look uneven. That’s why you will need a pair of scissors to make adjustments. 
  • Use two of your fingers to use them as clips. Take some of your hair in between your fingers. Measure the amount you think you should cut. It’s always better to cut just a little so you can make adjustments later on. Start cutting your top hair, so it gets blended with the sides and the back. This is the part where you need to be careful not to cut too much. Otherwise, it wouldn’t look good enough.

So, following these steps correctly, you can cut your short hair quite easily at home.

How To Cut Your Own Hair Female

how to cut your own hair

Women prefer cutting their hair at home. Because going to a salon for a haircut means a lot of money. Unless they are going for a particular style, it is a waste of money. But if you don’t know how you can cut your hair at home, then just follow along with these steps.

  1. To cut your long thick hair, you must have a pair of sharp scissors. You can either buy hair cutting scissors, or you can go for fabric scissors. Whichever you choose, make sure it’s sharp.
  2. Then wash your hair with shampoo and some conditioner. This way, you can cut your hair quickly. Long dry hair can be pretty tricky to cut on your own. Comb your wet hair and make it as straight as possible. 
  3. Make divisions in your hair if they are thick. Don’t go for all of your hair at once. Create some layers of your hair, then start off with the bottom layer. You can clip up the rest of your hair to keep it hassle-free. As you are done cutting the bottom layer of your hair, you can move to the next section of hair.
  4. You can check out for damaged hair before proceeding further. This way, you can just get rid of all the split ends very quickly. It also helps you figure out how much hair you should cut.
  5. Then you will need to get to the real part. Bring some of your hair in the front. Then measure out how much you want to cut off. You can use your index and middle fingers as a measurement clip. Make sure all the hair in between your fingers is straight. Before you cut your hair, remember to consider the dry hair factor. Usually, dry hair will look shorter than wet hair.
  6. Cut your hair, keeping some room for adjustments. If you cut it too much, then there is no going back from that. So, always keep a little bit more hair than you want to chop off. 
  7. Finally, trim down the ends of your hair. And make sure both the sides match. Otherwise, it will look terrible when your hairs get dry. Also, check your hair after drying it. If they need some adjustments, then you can just wet the particular area and make adjustments.  

You can follow along with these to cut your long hairs quite easily. You won’t even need to go to a salon anymore for such cuts.


Now that you know how to cut your own hair, you won’t have to worry about going out to do that. We gave a solution to cutting hair at home for both men and women. This will surely help you get rid of hair troubles and save up some money at the same time.


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