The 6 Bicep Workouts At Home For Muscular Arms

bicep workouts at home

Do you hear people had flexing muscles? This muscle’s name is bicep muscle. But you can think about how you can grow your biceps. Well, you can increase your bicep without going to the gym or without using heavy equipment.

But, we did not say that you don’t go to the gym ever or buy any tools. We are just saying that if you don’t want that and get a muscular bicep, so you do that from home.

You can do killer bicep workouts at home with the same result which you get from the gym. You can make dumbbells at home if you don’t have lots of money.

So, you can make dumbbells by using plastic water bottles, heavy books, and canned goods from the pantry. However, here we give some bicep workout routines that you can do at home using a dumbbell or no equipment.

 If you can follow the right bicep workouts and diet, it’s possible to build perfect biceps.

bicep workouts at home

About Of Bicep Anatomy:

This biceps muscle is tow-headed, and biceps can flex your arms at the elbow’s shoulder and joints all-time.

It runs along the upper arms of the underside of the triceps. That means the biceps are the front upper-arm, and the triceps are the back upper arm.

Both of these muscles are important and extremely visible. And, if you want, you can work out for both of these muscle development. But, when people see you, they notice your biceps first.

The Best 6 Effective Bicep Workout At Home:

bicep workouts at home

Here we give a bicep workout at home with dumbbells that can help you to build a bicep. And also, you can make your bicep muscle using only bodyweight exercise. Bodyweight bicep exercises are an effective way to build your mass. 

So, try the bicep workouts at home from here because it can help build your biceps and other supporting muscles. However, all these following exercises can do both men and women.

1. Dumbbell Curls

Dumbbell curls exercise an extreme exercise for your bicep muscle. It can build your bicep muscle stronger. 

However, come to the point, now start your exercise with your dumbbell curls. So, take the dumbbell curl flat on your hand. Now, Bring your weight on the heels and bend it forward slightly. 

Don’t forget to bring your forearms to rise forward. And, focus on your grip rotating outward.

Now, extend your arms and press your biceps. On the way down, keep the focus on triceps and. Then back to a relaxed position with smooth and clean motion at your sides. 

This exercise can blast your bicep because it engages your pecs, shoulders, and arms. And, this home bicep dumbbell workout is suitable for your arms. So, try it now.

2. Decline Push-ups

Usually, push-ups work on the shoulders, core, and chest. But, if you get that push-up in a decline position, it can be a bodyweight bicep workout. To do this exercise, you need a chair or step. 

You need to put your feet on the tending platform. And, put your hands on the floor. Now, naturally, push up yourself and back down your hands. And, then, your single rep is the end. Take a rest and start your other representative like before.

3. Standing Dumbbell Curl

Curls are always an efficient exercise for growing the biceps. Standing dumbbell curls is a straightforward exercise; you need a pair of dumbbells or nothing. 

So, take a dumbbell on your hand and get a standing position. Make sure to close your body, your elbows, and your palms facing straight. 

Curl the weights up to your shoulder level. And make sure that all your pressure only above your biceps.

4. Incline Dumbbell Curl

This exercise gives lots of pressure on your biceps. Plus, when you are working from a hard angle, it requires extra power. This way is perfect for making shift your dumbbells. So, you can start this exercise lying down with an incline of 45-degree.

Just keep your arms down the side and slowly bring them close to your shoulders. Finally, bring back the dumbbell down on the weight. And, then, hold your arm straight to complete the one rep. If you don’t have time for bicep gym exercise, try this incline dumbbell curl exercise.

bicep workouts at home

5. Plank For Biceps Exercise:

You can do this exercise in many ways like the front, side, or reverse. Generally, you need to engage your body with both parts, like the upper or more body. 

This plank is the only exercise where you balance your body on your forearms straight. The front-facing plank links with the biceps, and the reverse plank is a link with the triceps. 

Your elbows right below the shoulders with your body extended straight till the toes. It puts pressure on the biceps and then strengthens them.

6. Cross Body Curls: 

The crossbody curls exercise a switching arm. Do this exercise to equal reps for both sides. 

 Put your both arms extended down at your sides. You were keeping your weights with grip. So, make sure to curl your thumb side with one hand to your opposite shoulder. 

Now you feel that the weight will go above your body. And, finally, you need to return it down slowly. And, repeat this movement with another arm. 

However, cross body curls are the best bicep workouts for mass that you can choose for making a muscular bicep.

Working out at home now is not a difficult situation. Use a bodyweight or dumbbell and do working out at home. Bodyweight exercise is an effective way, so without any hesitation, try it now. 

But, if you want, you can add some equipment with your body weight, then you can get more muscular arms like that gym.

Though bicep workouts at home have various exercises, you can try from here. We hope all this movement can help you to build bicep muscles. 


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